Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

Top 10s soonish

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dry Hump - Culture Fuck Experience

Turn that song down, turn the static up... Dry Hump did exactly that. Faint of heart need not listen, with the title track making the case to join the Klan, if only to break up the monotony of suburban life. Another ripper closes side A, then a slow burner on the flip featuring the "random musings of a paranoid dildo". This one's a bit old (?) and they have since switched up the vocal duties and released a hot new LP. More on that later (maybe).

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pregnant - Wanna See My Gun?

This four cut slab has been one of my more frequent jams for well over a year now. I had foolishly avoided it for a while because of the artwork (it still kinda irks me). Then after seeing plenty of reviews saying that it has a strong D.C. influence, I was game. This EP was a lead up of sorts to their S/T LP, which is good, though the production on that seems muffled and lacks the same punch that makes this record shine. I haven't really kept up on what Pregnant have been up to lately, but I hope another banger like this one is in the cards.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wild Child - Demo 2011

So I finally did it... I finally broke down and got a tape player. One of the main reasons of doing so was that I could hear this tape; it is no let down. Wild Child have been taking the city by storm (part 3) here in Minneapolis for the better part of the year with live shows, but now we got something concrete to sink our teeth into. This is chaotic Hardcore at its finest and what I imagine teetering on the edge of insanity must sound like - complete with manic laughter. Get your hands on one of these bad boys while they last by shooting an Email to the band at: wildchildpunk(at)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shoppers - Silver Year

I missed these Syracuse gals & guy a couple weeks ago when they came into town. Luckily they left a few copies of their spankin new LP around. Kind of your typical Noise/Rock/Punk thing going on here, but with a few twists. 1) Female vocals, which are always a plus in my book. 2) At times very melodic, sure still noisy as fuck, but if you can sift through the ruckus it could almost be poppy. 3) Lyrics about relationships, it's pretty odd for a band of this type, but a welcome change of pace from the "deranged", or ones that hardly (or don't) make sense that you'd usually hear with this genre. I hope I didn't just give you the impression that this band is a female fronted Pop-Punk band with some static... I can assure you they are not that.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hey ya'll. Long time no see, It's been a busy summer for us on FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM & PASS JUDGEMENT, and I apologize for the lack of posting. We've been out of the office getting these three new releases out and ready for yr sweaty palms. So here we present the SELF-INTEREST " BLOOMING" 7", BRAIN TUMORS 7" EP, and issue number two of FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM.

Make an an order at : HTTP://PASSJUDGEMENT.BIGCARTEL.COM, and for more photos, and information see: HTTP://PASSJUDGEMENTRECORDS.COM

Order all three new releases for 15ppd!

After releasing two cassettes earlier in 2010, Winnipeg's SELF-INTEREST exhibit four new tasty cuts on this debut 7", "BLOOMING". This fully-realized statement of hardcore punk churns out a bleak and brutal rampage beside personal vignettes of misanthropy. It's discordant yet motor driven, and loaded with troggy riffing not dissimilar to the music of THE U-MEN, BLOOD CIRCUS and other proto-grunge hits, while also channeling demented, and scathing outsider USHC acts like THE SCAM & SOLGER. Wonderfully silk-screened covers. 100 Copies on CLEAR VINYL, 200 on BLACK VINYL. Mailorder Edition of 45 with transparent covers.

7incher debut from these Minneapolis freaks featuring six cuts of repulsive touch-n-go hardcore punk. Bright and jangled guitars onset the menacing headache while deranged vocals and roaring low-ends leave most squirming with one foot in the grave. Enough stench, hair and pus for the whole family brought to you by these four mutants. Four color screened covers round out this incredible package. 600 Pressed. Split release with FASHIONABLE IDIOTS Records.

Issue number two of Fashionable Activism hardcore punk fanzine. 20 Full sized, 8.5"x11" pages. Yellow covers, Hand stamped. First edition of 150
Interviews with The Men, Shaved Women, HPP & Death Domain

Also Available:
50 copy re-press of FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM #1 Fanzine
200 piece re-press of the GETTING EVEN 7"
BRAIN TUMORS tapes back in the shoe.

SUCKED DRY - 'Debut 7" EP'
FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM #3 - Full Color Photozine.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Sleaze - Weird Truck

Take a deep breath, have a seat and try to contain yourself, because yes, it's true, The Sleaze have come out with a new record! I was floored when I stumbled upon this yesterday, and the news only got better when I did some research and found out that they plan to have another out by the end of summer. Yep, that's right for those keeping score: In 2(?)+ years as a functioning band = 1 record. In the year er so since they've called it a day = 3 records (2pac joke). Probably not their best, but it's hard to judge against such insta classix as Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs and PCP. Oh baby.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ropes - Demo II

Third yield from the reincarnation of sumptuous REPOS, of course as the ROPES. 5 new blazers on this second demo distributed on their recent midwest excursion. and YAOWWWWWWWWW these are the most killer Ropes tracks yet. The vocal output on this one is more atrocious than ever! And holy shit the Dead Boys cover is insane!! The tape is housed by a rich zine with lyrics and artworks. !!!

Updated link with mastered recordings!
download here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Shameless Plug

Hey, I'm announcing/plugging my new blog of only live recordings called, We Ain't Gonna Stop (Fuck You). So far I only got posts of Condominium, Manipulation, Culo, and Formaldehyde Junkies. I'm going to try to space out the posts to once a week, so hopefully it'll be a steady stream with no big gaps between posts. It's probably not terribly exciting to most, but hopefully a few people will get a kick out of it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

HPP - HPP 7"

Ow oWE. Hipster Piss Party is definitely my favorite band curated by the Perennial Famzz, and a definite 2k11 top-dog out on the playground as well. This 7" is all that I want in a punk record. I love HPP's re-occurring lyric of "RIP IT UP", yeah... 6 new track follow up to the LP released last summer. HPP's finest recordings yet. Hilarious Clorox Girls riff (intentional or not). HPP is spilling their slime all over yr town this June. Go see them. Look for the interview in FA fanzine #2 out SOON. BUY IT HERE (NOW).

download here.

Ralph - S/T 7"

Young illiterate Atlanta punks toss out a fucking HIT with their debut 7" on Scavenger of Death. Ripping and youthful cuts holding (sped up) Koro and groovy Adolescents stroking close to the giblets. "Infectious" is the killer on this record, the gang vox are WYLD. For fans of the first Gov Warning 7" and 80s hoohaw. Great turd of wax for 2011. "For A Good Time, Call Philip". Buy it here.

download here.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Career Suicide - Cherry Beach 7"

It's about time Career Suicide returned to the pit. It's been almost three years since 'Cherry Beach Mk. I' was released, honestly, I kind of forgot they were still together, though I did end up seeing them in St. Louis yesteryear which was BOMB. Obviously, this is their new record with the two original tracks from the Cherry Beach '2008 Tour' 7", plus two new cuts, which are TOTAL BANGERS. This time they've recorded in a studio adding maximum smack and zest. Some might say Career Suicide are 'past their prime', but these tracks might be the catchiest yet of the triumphant CS catalog. Out on Dirtnap Records, comes with a rad poster. I TOOK THE FERRY.

download here.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Clockcleaner - Live in Australia CS

The 'unreleased' Clockcleaner cassette that came with that 'Nevermind' pre-order that took fucking AGES to get to me. Good recording of this 35 minute live gig that took place somewhere in Australia in late 2009. From what I can tell it's mostly songs off 'Babylon Rules', didn't recognize a few, maybe those are the 'unreleased' tracks, idunno. "Scathing banter". The 'Nevermind' issue turned out great though, get it if you can. Cheers.

download here.

Yadokai - S/T 7"

A little bummed I had to wait over a year to hear more Yadokai cuts after first bumping that little masterpiece of a demo. But yeah, this shit is nuts. I swear the bass and guitars are samples from the 'alien talk' in that badass blockbuster hit 'District 9'. If you didn't know, Yadokai is doogs from ECOLI, MORPHEME, & FACE THE RAIL, playing some evil, pulverizing hc/punk, up in the gutz of Italo madness ala WRETCHED, as well as retard Clevo shit, and obviously Discharge. The clear vinyl w/ black labels on this looks HOT. Out on Video Disease Records, but looks like he's already sold out. Should be hitting yr favorite distro soon.

download here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brain Tumors - Cassette

Excited to bring you Pass Judgement release number five! Debut recordings from Minneapolis' Brain Tumors. Graceless and barbaric hardcore punk, much in the vein of 9 Shocks Terror and assorted Clevo bangers. Wild tempos, insane solos, psychotic speed--the whole shebang. Let's fart. 12 complete tracks from two separate recordings. 100 Pressed.

purchase @ for 5ppd.

download here.

SELF-INTEREST - "Blooming" 7"

Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Solid Attitude - Prison Water 7"

Newish 'lo-fi' garage-punk group from Iowa City, IA (You might be a little late for the trend, Iowa). Pretty wyld jams from this 7" from Solid Attitude, whom you might think is some shite youth crew revival band (judging by the name), but this is some real dirty-swanky rock n roll. The second track is called "Solid Mental Attitude" a possible juxtaposition on Unity's first EP?..Which has the second track, "Positive Mental Attitude"...weirdos. Member(s) of 'psychy-noise' outfit Wet Hair to add to the strange scheme of things. The tracks remind a lot of Rocket From The Tombs' 'noiser songs', cool listen. Ill cover art too. Limited to 200 copies on Rotted Tooth Recordings--Get it here I guess.

download here.

Volt - S/T 7"

HOZAC-01 ---- The VOLT 7" is an overlooked 'OG shitgaze' classic, the record is seemingly hard to find online, and in the bin as well- but found myself a copy a few weeks ago. Before I 'scored' this, I could only find stupid clips of the tracks, and kind of gave up my search for the mp3z. Anyways, VOLT are a French synth-punk trio--metallic drum machines, cold synthesizers, with an ear ripping guitar. I was hoping they sounded a bit more like KAS PRODUCT, but they end up sounding like a goofy JAY REATARD//DIGITAL LEATHER hybrid than anywhere in the coldwave realm. A-Side with "Man On The Ground" and "Not You" are total retard-bangers..when the chorus on "MOTG" drops, tha METAL DANCE begins. Sad they used 'Impact font' on the cover...gross dawg...but a pretty rad group of tracks. Guess they have a few more records, that I haven't checked out yet..Late pass I know, this shit came out in like 2006.

download here.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Women In Prison - Demo CS

Hell yeah, six hot demo cuts from this new supergroup from Tejas, with the hillside stranglaz from TOTAL ABUSE, SACRED SHOCK & FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS. These tracks actually remind me a lot of the first FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS LP (One of my favorite Chicago records ever),the snotty, funky reverby vocals and that warm, fat, delicious bass, but without the whacko guitar shit, instead with catchy ass retard-slop off the hits of BLOODSTAINS ACROSS TEXAS and assorted KBD bangers. "Birth of Rots" seriously has the catchiest punk riff ever…wanna dance? Guess they already have some singles that are about to be shat out, one soon on HOZAC, surely it will revive the labels punk status....yeah the 7" on HOZAC is OUT NOW, go buy it right now.

download here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diet Cokeheads - Oral / Nasal

Great name? Or greatest name? This band has done something profound, by defying my personal rule of thumb with these Noise/Punk/Whateverthefuck bands of: the recordings ain't as good as the show. Thats saying a hell of a lot considering they kicked my ass live. Both on record, and in their seamless live set, the stand out track has gotta be jöns. I can't wait for the next record, which should no doubt be called Aural.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teenage Panzerkorps - Thee Incantations of Bunker Wolf 7"

New 7" from the the coolest half German, half American band on earth: Der Teenage Panzerkorps! Here's 4 new tracks 'hot off the heels' of their latest and AMAZING full-length "German Reggae" 12" out soon(?) on Holiday recs, it's available on cassette over at Campaign for Infinity right now though, seriously a spectacular LP. TPK's raw, melancholy, psychedelic post-punk sound...with those iron-fisted deutsch vocals make every release such a treat. Hail Bunker Wolf! Only 116 pressed! You'll be lucky if there's any left over at Release The Bats.

download here.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wiccans - Teenage Cults 7"

This one has been out for a bit, but I haven't had a chance to present it much (lazy lazy). When I heard the first Wiccans recordings well over a year ago I was floored, I hadn't heard anything so catchy and distinguished from a modern punk band, I had to do their record. Teenage Cults has the 4 best cuts off the demo, re-mixed and mastered to perfection. Their killer links of speedy USHC styled punk with euphoric double guitar riff attacks on top make the record a total smashing hardcore release...all behind one of the most powerful and glorious throats I've heard since Fucked Up. Wiccans already have an LP recorded, and it's fucking killer, hopefully it should be ready for their tour this summer. Also: PERFECT LIVE BAND, truly a must see. Members of Wax Museums, Teenage Cool Kids, Silver Shampoo, Bad Sports: Denton, TX rules. Termbo loves this record, read the review. Limited to 300. Last copies available, again at

download here.

Getting Even - S/T 7"

The latest release on my Pass Judgement label. 3-way Split release with Rock Bottom recs, who's responsible for all the early Off With Their Heads releases, and One Percent Records, which got dug up from the grave to help out on this one too. Anyways, This is Getting Evens debut 7", I posted up their demo about a year ago, maybe you listened to it, but now here's the real deal. The 7" is 4 tracks of punchy, riffy, groove-hitting hardcore punk. Much so in the light of BL'AST's "It's In My Blood" or POISON IDEAS "Plastic Bomb", a hard hitting layer of hooks, mosh and perfect execution. Members of past Minneapolis hc championing groups: THE REAL ENEMY, HOLDING ON, & BODIES LAID BROKEN. First pressing of 300 on purple vinyl still available at

download here.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daily Void - Civilization Dust 7"

Been a Daily Void fan for quite some time, and just happened to come across this baybie in a new-arrivals bin to my surprise...Hadn't been following the band much since I wasn't too into the Sacred Bones 12" and figured they were busy with other bullshit projectz, but here's a new one by these Chicago noise garage punx. I just read somewhere that people describe them as the 'garage rock Rudimentary Peni', weird. A-side (Before Death) is a total hit, a hunky fuzzball you'd normally expect from these dudes, but the B-side (After Death) is a weirdo, spacey instrumental improv jam that is cool, I guess (This is like...a concept record..right?), would prefer another guitar damage banger, but I am content with these two. Out on the always quality KEN ROCK label in Sweden.

download here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Under The Covers Vol. 2: A Tribute to The Nerves

Bought this guy on a whim, thinking it might be cool, since I love the Nerves, and a few of the bands on the comp, and woah it delivers. All these tracks are recorded so well, and executed with finesse. Killer output by Grass Widow, Le Face, White Fence, Hunx & His Punx (they do 'When You Find Out', lol) and all your (probably not) favorite psych-y garage rock bullshit bands. 18 trax of your fave Nerves songs; butchered...or re-lived... Well I think it's great. Lim to 200 copies on Cassette and it's recently out on twelve inches as well. Get it quick @ Volar Records. Ripped into two trax- tracklisting is in the zip.

Updated link w/ all split tracks. Thanks bro:
download here.

White Walls - Kevin CS

The self described 'magnum opus' from WHITE WALLS is here, and it's 'Kevin'. I posted up their Demo & Live tapes about a year ago, get on that if you haven't yet. But yes, 3 new tracks from Cincinnati Ohio's finest HC partisans. 'Kevin' is a 7 minute, grieving death hymn, that strokes your ego till you fucking cum. Only the most unsociable kinds will be able to grasp the intellection of 'Kevin'. The CS is backed with two tracks, 'Pointless Itch' & 'Evening Babble', two dirge driven HardCore anthems that wont help wipe any tears away. Released on by the LIFE-ROT label, contact them for ordering if there are any left. The debut White Walls 7" is soon, their site has a track to preview.

download here.

Friday, January 7, 2011

TOP 12"s of 2010

Alright I just wanna get this over with and bring on 20††. Sorry for being lazy. This year I possibly bought more LP's than ever before- Here's my faves.

1. Broken Water - Whet (Night People) - DL // BUY

2. Total Abuse - MUTT (PPM) - DL // BUY

3. The Bitters - East General (Mexican Summer) - DL // BUY

4. Rayon Beach - Memory Teeth (Hozac) - DL // BUY

5. The Men - Immaculada (Self Released) - DL // SOLD OUT

6. Kriegshog - S/T (LVEUM) - DL // BUY

7. Deskondocidos - En La Obscuridad (Todo Destrudio) - DL // BUY: tododestruido[at]gmail[dot]com


9. No Talk - Leather Discipline (Death Exclamations/Cutthroat) - DL // SOLDOUT

10. Nerveskade - S/T (Black Water) - DL // BUY

11. Gun Outfit - Possession Sound (PPM) - DL // BUY

Top 7"s of 2010

2010 wasn't a good one for the 7", I feel like only bought a few dozen new ones this year with not much stick, but here's a few that grabbed my willy:

1. The Sleaze - Crush w/ PCP
Thank fucking GOD for this record. Been waiting for the return of the Sleaze since the monumental SMOKIN FUCKIN CIGS ep on Fashionable Idiotos out a few years ago. SO here they are again with two more TOP retardo slop drop speedy freaky anthemz. It's been agreed that PCP truly IS the b-side to Smokinfukincigs. Out on Leather Bar recs, only 300 of these guys so hit up (leatherbar * gmail * com) to shoot up the skuzz. Rest in nicnicnic.
download here.

2. Urban Blight - Total War
Undeniably UB is the King Kong of HardCore 2010. If these 5 tracks don't make you do tha step, I really think there's no hope for ya. The key track on here is 'SOCIAL ORDER', the two minute mid-tempo blitzkreg, that plows through the warzone without a scratch. I just ripped this one and I think it sounds better than any I've heard...320KBS of STOMP baby...
download here.

3. Homostupids - Night Deacon
Arguably the Homo's best material yet. But it's a no-brainer that this guy had the best one liner of the year...thanks to our pal the bus driver. A 2010 Classic. Brought to you by FashionableIdiots. I guess there's new 12" coming soon!!!!! Plz play Chicago!..or somewhere soon...
download here.

4. Vile Gash - S/T
Yow! A true modern classic. When I first heard this one I most excited to the re-recording of that track 'Scum'...that the catchiest thing ever. Was a little bummed when Unfit wasn't redone (my fave track from the demos), but I will keep my hopes high for a future release maybe...though the new track 'Incapable' gives off a similar slowdeath, masochistic vibe. SICK. This thing is recorded flawlessly too- More scorch in the vox, with the drums in a pummeling d-beat throughout, and a chest-rattling bass that leaves you gasping by the end. Perfecto.
download here.

5. Men's Interest - More War
download here.

6. Condominium - Gag
download here.

7. Crazy Spirit - S/T
Beautiful, catchy, and destructive. One of the freshest. Rip from tha ICDT
download here.

8. Schizophasia - S/T II