Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snuff Film CS

Frenzied collaboration between two of Bay Area's most newfangled groups, Ecoli and Migraine. 5 tracks nearing 14 minutes of extraordinarily demented hardcore punk. Both bands combine their respective noise to create a barricade of filth and subversion. Snuff Film existed for one release and one show only. If you haven't checked out either band yet--find Ecoli on a previous post here, and I'm sure a Migraine 7" is on a blog somewhere. Another Drone Errant release, but currently copies are only available from the band for 6ppd. Contact for purchasing.

download here.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nightmoves U.K. - Records And Gold CS

Ex-My Luck members lay down this four song cassette falling somewhere in between the sounds of drum machine punk bands Discolokosst and Metal Urbain and early 90s hardcore coming out on Gravity Records. Recorded in 06, released in 08 by Drone Errant. Limited to 100. A few copies left for purchase. Contact

download here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Repercussions - 11 Songs EP

While three quarters of Cold Sweat went to play in Walls, The vocalist went on to bark in this band, Repercussions- members of Deathreat and Pedestrians are also here, making them a little bit of a super group. Think of ol' USHC ala Poison Idea with those poles apart Cold Sweat vocals, and the hard to swallow Rorschach sound. Hateful and diseased lyrical themes. A truly awesome band. This 12" came out in 2007 on 540 records-was fairly limited and now sold out. Also released an awesome 7" on Feral Ward in 08, probably not too hard to find. Singer is now in Men's Interest and Country Club, Drummer is in Static Shock, & Bassist is the head coordinator of MRR. RIP. Download if you're not a retard.

download here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Low Threat Profle - 7" EP

After almost a decade in the making, the Low Threat Profile 7" is finally here. Andy from No Comment sings, Matt Domino of Infest is on Guitar, and Bob of Lack of Interest plays drums. Basically what we have here is a dream lineup. It pretty much picks up where No Man's Slave ended: All speed and total power. Not really into the cover art, but wow, a great fucking record. Pretty sure the mailorder red vinyl edition is gone, but pay 6 ppd to deep6rec[at] to receive a copy; I might email him first though. Like No Man's Slave, the tracklisting on the back of the record is different than what the insert says...I just took from what the sleeve said so- whatever. Sorry for the two little cracks at the beginning of the first song; to make up for this I scanned the lyrics and added it into the folder. Info @ Deepsix. Enjoy.

download here.

UGH!: Tracklisting was fucked due to confusion & the band forgetting to add a song to the list. Now fixed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Factorymen 7"

Solo electronic/experimental project of Steve from Homostupids/9 Shocks- one could probably guess this is Homostupids related just by viewing the cover. This is very rad though. Lot's of synths and great mechanized noises- I am not sure how to elaborate. Similar to that one song on the The Brutal Birthday by Homostupids. The last track is just a sample of that song used the film Nashville, hah. Released on My Mind's Eye & Sold out; probably in some dollar bins (where I got mine). Factorymen released an LP on Richie records this past August. It's very awesome. I highly suggest buying it [info here].

download here.

Pigeon Religion - Warm Insides CS

Two new songs from Arizona's weirdo downer-punk trio Pigeon Religion. Both songs are 5:44 of demented, shrieking, fuzzed-out post-punk noise rock: something that's only LSD induced. About half way though each song, the music ends and strange noises occur followed by theatrical applauses. Not sure. It's not a live recording. Head [here] to download the previous PR releases. Artwork by vocalist of Salvation. First edition limited to 60 is sold out, a repressing is coming soon. Drone Errant.

download here.

Brown Sugar - Deportation EP

Here's an EP I've been playing a lot of lately. Brown Sugar, hail from upstate New York - along with other awesome young bands: Rational Animals (Buy their new 7") & Plates. Sound's like the Gang Green songs on This Is Boston..Not LA with a sloppy, (but) euphonic, ultra-fuzzed guitar tone. Fast and mean with some killer riffs. Brought to you by Feral Kid. The EP is sold out from the label, but check distros.

download here.

PS: Sorry for slacking around here. I'm never home anymore or I'm just chatroulette-ing. Posts will pick up when I go back to school in a few weeks (Not that anyone gives a fuck).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Church Police - Gilligan's Wings

3 Unreleased tracks from Bay Area's dirged-out Church Police. Recorded in 1982, but only surfaced in 2007 by the help of Skulltones. I found this quick sell-out in a bin at Mississippi Records in Portland. Church Police play the Artpunk/New Wave/Industrial thing: True downer-punk. Think of early Texas punk and weird-core ala Blight. I guess they were so called proteges to Flipper. Also had an article in the very first issue of MRR. Their goal was to become "the most depressing band ever". More info and insight on Church Police here.

"Max R-R: Are the Church Police a fun band?
Bruce: Always never fun."

download here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Guinea Kid - Tape EP

I just heard this band last night. A group 17-year-olds from north west Indiana playing amazing hardcore punk that's SO much better than most of the garbage that's been coming out recently. I guess they've been playing in this band since they were 14 too. They're aggressive and ripping with some bright melodic guitar-work noodled in--which ends up sounding fucking awesome. Sounds a lot like Ill Repute and Adolescents with a little well added mosh. Singer has his snotty so-cal skate punk vocals down perfectly. I have nothing bad to say about this, so much good. I wish I was apart of something this cool when I was in high school. I'm not sure where you can get this but Not Normal released it, contact them. Only Side A/B for now.

this just in: some members may be 18 and out of high school

download here.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bad Choice - Demo 09

Picked up this guy at the Urban Blight show last night. Bad Choice are another Toronto band. This demo is pretty great, definitely reflects the current sounds of Toronto. Obviously influenced by Boston and New York hardcore scenes circa 1982. Check it out if you like The Abused, DYS, Jerry's Kids, SSD, Sheer Terror, and all the NYC/Boston true favorites. I've heard people say they're the best thing since 86 Mentality. Get the tape from the band, Gravemistake also has copies. The band has their demo for download on their myspace, it's the same rip. Dig it.

download here.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Modern Problems [Cassette]

Ripping hardcore punk from these Winnipeg lads and lassie? Think Necros, Die Kruzen, and Deep Wound. Saw them in the spring and enjoyed the set thoroughly. This tape has the recordings of the "Trainwreck" 7" that was supposed to be released by Firestarter, but hasn't happened yet due to a lot of delays and bullshit. They also slapped a live recording of most of the 7" songs and a Wipers cover on the B side. Contact at their myspace I guess. Enjoy.

download here.

Getting Even - Demo 2009

A bunch of old hardcore dudes playing hardcore punk like they were 18 again. I wanna say Getting Even are a spark to this burnt out scene in Minneapolis. Even though most of these dudes are in their 30's (the oldies were in Holding On, Pandamonium, Kill Sadie, plus more) they still know how to fucking rip. I'd best describe Getting Even as playing mid-tempo hardcore punk in the vein of Bl'ast, Damaged era Black Flag, and some Age of Quarrel hardness. Lot's of cool Ginn riffage (band name is from a Greg Ginn album?). All I can say is that this is a really solid hardcore demo. Dig it. No they sound nothing like Infest like the logo may suggest.

If you want a tape send $3 ppd to
PO Box 141048
MPLS, MN 55414

download here. (re-uploaded, not corrupted for pc users anymore)

The World Itself Is A Bad Dream

I've been meaning to share since it came out about a month ago. Released by the great Drugged Conscience. This comp-cassette has 6 of hardcore's youngest and unparalleled bands in 2009. Half the bands on here are from Florida. Nazi Dust - Cult Ritual members. Panzram - from the ashes of Merkit,. Bad Year. Dead Stare from Tacoma - I don't know anything about them. Chicago's Duress have the best track on here--they have a 7" out soon. Rational Animals from NY also have an awesome song. The tape just recently sold out from Drugged Conscience, some bands may have copies, contact them if you wish.

download here.

Vile Gash - Leech

Bought this at the MK-Ultra Reunion Pre-Show with Raw Nerve, Manipulation, and Duress. This 'cassingle' is certainly not as good as the last two demos, but it's worth checking out if you're into the other stuff. I think the problem is that the cassette itself stinks, and you can't hear shit. 3 songs. Two very brief new ones and an awesome YDI cover. Not sure if the band has any left. Email for contact. Apparently the new 7" on Youth Attack is great. Released soon. Don't sleep.

download here.


Toronto's punk scene is amazing. Some of my favorite bands live there (Urban Blight, Career Suicide, and all the great shit members of Fucked Up are doing; especially Jonah's band Mad Men--check out the demo here). Anyways, another great band from Toronto are the Dangerloves. Female-fronted power pop of the catchiest mold. Dangerloves formed in 2006 and broke up about a year ago- probably to dedicate more time to Urban Blight, Reprobates, and Career Sucide. They released three 7" singles, on Fashionable Idiots, Dead Idea, and Static Shock. Pretty sure they're all sold out from the labels but I've seen the first two 7"s in a million used bins for super cheap. I'm uploading two of the singles, find the Static Shock one on your own. You'll be playing these singles over and over and over.

download here.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Balls 7"

"No Balls is usually Drajan Bryngelsson and Dan Råberg from Brainbombs but this 7” is just Drajan. Monotonous protopunk with some No Wave hints. Drums and guitars. Some vocals and trumpets occasionally. The sound is raw, intense and in your face. Kind of like a mix of Ruins, DNA and Brainbombs." This 7" came to me a few days ago. Paid 15 dollars to ship from Sweden on an whimsical guess that it would be great; Brainbombs are one of my favorite bands. The record is okay, I thought it was a little boring but if you're into repetitive, sludgy, noise rock; it's worth a listen. 7" is sold out, but a No Balls LP is out soon on Release The Bats(pre-order here).

download here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Minutemen - Buzz Or Howl Under The Influence Of Heat

With "Buzz Or Howl" the Minutemen cement themselves as the funkiest band in 80's hardcore (tho one could make a argument for the Big Boys).  Really hitting their stride this album is a great setup to the quintessential  "Double Nickels On The Dime". Taking a cue from Wire the Minutemen play some very oddly structured songs, for example, "Dream Told By Moto" which finds Mike Watt and George Hurley showing off why they are the tightest rhythm section in town, and just when you think its just going to be them jamming for the duration of the song, D. Boon chimes in for a single sentence about what he's going to do when WWIII starts, before the song fizzles out... awesome. This record shouldn't be that hard to track down, but you could always buy it from SST. Quit slacking and download this.

Download Here

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bastard - Wind of Pain

The second, and last release from the crust/hardcore band BASTARD from Japan. Wind of Pain (1990) is possibly the hardest record of its time. I am just now getting into Japanese hardcore and realizing that it is probably some of the best stuff that is/was out there. If you haven't listened to this yet, you have to. Legendary band, best record, however Controlled In The Frame isn't bad. After the first time you hear this record, every time it is brought up you will think "MISSSELLLLYYYY"


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Condominium - Barricade

Third 7" from Twin Cities' uncertainty, Condominium. Of the three 7"s, this is really the best one. With each release Condominium keep moving their sound away from traditional 'hardcore' evolving into more noise, more impression, and more singularity. Two songs on this 7". First song, Barricade, is the best thing I've heard from these guys. Entirely powerful and louring. Drunks With Guns and Kilslug are here. The B side "Big Plans" is a "A sparse, laid back jam that brings to mind Black Flag and The Jesus Lizard in its winding, ugly guitar riffs, and lurching rhythms." I really can't stay enough good things about this band. Brought to you by Fashionable Idiots. I don't see this selling out any time soon. Buy a copy for you and your friend(s).

download here.

Ecoli - Judas Cradle

First real 7" from Ecoli. San Francisco's noisy, deranged, hardcore band. Released on Stress Domain records; also put out the vinyl for Ecoli's demo a few years ago. Think Void, Koro, and ripping early 80s USHC plus the wackiness of the Meat Puppets. This is one of the best and most ingenious things I've heard this year. Members of Nightstick Justice, Warkrime, Migrane, and more. Sold out for the most part. Check Grave Mistake for final copies. Upcoming cassette on Drone Errant. Enjoy.

download here.

Raw Nerve - Teens In Heat

Raw Nerve's first time on wax after putting out that demo a few months ago (here if you missed it). Released by Video Disease Records last week during the MKU reunion show extravaganza last week. I guess all 300 copies are now sold out? The record is great. Lots of Void worship, just like the Demo. Record is menacing throughout, plus weirdo Meat Puppets vocals. 4 Songs. One from the Demo, Two new songs, and a X-Ray Spex cover. I guess a few copies will be sold in the next YA! store update; Contact Video Disease to see where these puppies may be hiding. LP on Youth Attack due early next year. Looking forward to more covers.

download here.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fugazi - In On The Kill Taker

For as much as I love the simple power chords, oompa oompa beats and rough production values of early 80's hardcore punk (easily my favorite genre) my favorite bands don't really share any of those qualities, Fugazi being a good example of that. Fugazi, made up of DC veterans Ian Mackaye, Guy Picciotto, Brendan Canty and Joe Lally, play hardcore that doesn't shy away from experimentation. In On The Kill Taker (their best album if you ask me) brings MacKaye and company back to the early 80's with songs like Great Cop, which could almost be a Minor Threat song. Of course you can buy this (recently remastered) from Dischord Records, or pretty much anywhere else. 

Download Here. 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Positive Reinforcement - The One Sided LP

Fast, snotty, no-frills, straight edge, hardcore punk. All these words can describe Boston's Positive Reinforcement pretty adequately. The catchiest early 80's riffs and best lyrics. Released on ThirdxParty records in 2006. Their discography contains a demo cassette, a few 7"s and this LP. Everything is gone (I think they stopped playing shows sometime in 07). Posiforce are a forerunner to some of the best bands in hardcore right now; members now play in Social Circkle, Blank Stare, Failures, Confines, and Foreign Objects. Couldn't find artwork online so I had to take a shitty snapshot with my phone.

download here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Ergs! - The Ben Kweller EP

The Ergs! were a New jersey pop-punk band from 2000 until about a year ago. Very much influenced by the Descendents most of their songs are about girls and being a dork, but also like the Descendents they don't take themselves to seriously and will throw in a joke or a Simpson's reference to show you that. One of my favorite things about this band is (while they don't really show it on this release) they were never afraid go off the beaten path of a pop-punk band and do some jazz, country or thrash songs. This EP was only available on CD until recently when Freedom School Records released it as a 12". Crank it up and have some silly fun for a change.

Download Here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge

I know this is on a million blogs now but, oh man. I can't tell you how fucking good this is. Another masterpiece created by CC and DFJ of Mind Eraser and family. I kind of looked past this demo when it first came out in late 08. After seeing the 7" at Reckless today, I decided to pick it up and give it a spin. To my surprise, it was the hardest 7" I've heard so far this year. Very much 90s NYHC influenced with some "violent noise at extreme speed". First released as a Cassette, now a 7" on 540 Records. Haven't found many e-distros with this still in stock, check over at Gravemistake, I know they have some left. Only limited to 500 copies. Equip mosh gloves now.

download here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Winters in Osaka - Molded To Crawl

New release from Winters in Osaka reigning from Chicago, IL. Sure this release doesn't fit in with most of the material uploaded onto this blog, but it should not be overlooked. Very impressive modern power electronics influenced noise. Takes elements from various EFX pedals to live vocals with contact mics. Even sludge riffs behind all of it, giving this band a new spin on the noise scene.


P.S. if anyone has ANY of there other releases (excluding the collaboration with Bongripper) please comment on here or something... I can't find anything else anywhere on the web and everything released in 2008/2007 is out of press/never released/impossible to find. Thanks.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Man is the Bastard Noise/Amps For Christ/BN/K2/The Hierophant/Unicorn/Antennacle/Sleestak - No Skull Left Unturned

"4 years in the making... A true testament to the God-like power of Man Is The Bastard & their family tree. Includes new tracks by Bastard Noise, Amps for Christ, Unicorn, Hierophant, Antennacle, BN/K2 and previously released tracks by Sleestak."


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nog Watt - Fear

Incredible all-female hardcore punk from the Netherlands. This EP is a true classic. I could listen to this a thousand times over and still be turned on. Released in 1985 on Revenge Records. The female vocals are really great, not weak, but with the perfect amount of aggressiveness. Nog Watt have a great sound too, ripping, thrash-esque tone with some beautiful melodic riffs and slow noise-rock dirge parts. Anyways, this is some pretty essential stuff. If you don't have this already you should listen if you like punk or hardcore at all. Oh, I've seen this rad Nog Watt shirt printed here, buying soon.

download here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chronic Seizure - Brainsick E.P.

Chronic Seizure are one band that play the USHC resurgence right. One of my favorite Chicago bands and I'm more than stoked to see them more often. This is Chronic Seizure's first E.P. and the first Fashionable Idiots release. I don't think there's one boring song on here. Ripping throughout, No Slow All Go. This EP is sold out and so are the other two. LP, "Ancient Wound" is still available and rips just as hard. Check the FI webstore. Ex members of legendary Chicago bands, The Repos and 14 Or Fight.

download here.

Crucifix - Crucifix

The first Crucifix record released in 1981. If you don't know Crucifix, they were a great hardcore punk band from Berkeley, California. Unfortunately they are clotted with Crass-records shit and other goofy bands. They should instead be classified with great USHC bands like Antidote, Jerry's Kids, etc. This is their 5 song 12". They had another LP, "Dehumanized" which is also a rager. Were also on Rat Music with Black Flag, Circle Jerks, etc. Sorry for the shit picture, only one I could find was the one off KFTH.

download here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Horrid Cross - Demo I

First demo by new BM project featuring members of Florida's great Divisons (RIP) and Nazi Dust. The demo is amazing and Horrid Cross execute the raw punishing bm sound perfectly. I bought the demo with the Irradiated Corpse zine, Interviews with Cult Ritual, Grinning Death's Head, Hellkontroll. Tape reviews, and all your cult hardcore needs. Very much worth checking out. The demo is 4 tracks, spanning almost 10 minutes. There are no track titles. Contact Irradiated Corpse [] for tapes and the zine. There maybe some left.

download here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hail Mary - All Aboard The Sinking Ship

Underrated Vermiform gem released in 1999. Hail Mary (Albany, NY) was fronted by Mark Telfian, ex-guitar of Limp Wrist, also played in Deathsquad. An easy comparison would be Born Against and other wacky hc punk ala Articles of Faith. Artwork by Sam McPheeters himself. Hail Mary released a 7" on Prank another on Vermiform, a split with The Red Scare, and were on some Comp on X-Mist. All gone but you may find them in a dollar bin near you. I've seen this LP on ebay quite a bit. Check there. Buy the CD if you want, plus other Vermiform greatness here. Anyways, this is an all around great hc/punk record.

download here.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Obliteration - Obliteration EP

Dirty hardcore somewhere between American classics like Crucifix/Agnostic Front/Battalion of Saints/Final Conflict, and swedish hc like Anti Cimex/Mob 47/Disarm/Crude SS. Riffs to pump your fist, solos to bang your head, and lyrics to remind you of your fascist oppressors. From the idiots responsible for bands like MIND ERASER & KNIFE FIGHT! This was a request and the bio was stolen from Painkiller. This is the first 7". There is a second pressing of this available on the Painkiller site and their new 7" (This is Tomorrow) is available too.

No website that I know of.

Download Here.

Hong Kong Blonde - Splitfinger Fastball

Hong Kong Blonde was formed in 1999 in Victoria, Canada. HKB sounds like a cross between Poison Idea, the Accused, and early Suicidal Tendencies. If anyone has a scan of the album art, please post it in a comment. This was a request.


Download Here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Harm's Way - Demo

Harm's Way is a hardcore band from Chicago, Illinois which features members of Weekend Nachos, Convicted and I'm sure some other bands. This demo is definitely a lot different than their newest album. This is very Infest influenced while the new LP is more NYHC influenced.


Download Here.

Grinning Death's Head - Demo

Raw black metal band from Georgia. Don't know much about them. This was a request.


taken down by request. sawwry

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Warmers - S/T

The Warmers were a post-hardcore trio from Washington D.C. consisting of, Alec MacKaye (The Faith, Ignition), Juan Luis Carrera (Lois), and Amy Farina (Lois, The Evens). As you can tell by the album art The Warmers are a simple, minimalist band along the lines of Wire. My favorite part of this band has to be the odd off-kilter drums, that somehow fit the choppy, twangy guitar. While this was their only release during their tenure as a band they also have a posthumous EP, both out on Dischord Records (like you didn't see that one coming). I don't know what more there is to say other than, you should be downloading this right now.

Download Here

E.A.T.E.R. - Chaos Casette Vol. 1

E.A.T.E.R., or Ernst And The Edsholm Rebels, were a Swedish hardcore punk band that existed from 1982-1988 (I believe). Definitely one of the many underrated hardcore bands from Sweden. This is their very first release, which was I believe was self released in 1982 on cassette. They have a pretty nice discography that's worth looking up.


Download Here.

Ugly Law - EP

Ugly Law is a hardcore punk band from Richmond, VA. Their style is very similar to bands current bands like Government Warning and Wasted Time and takes strong influence from bands like Necros and Koro. This is their first EP, which was self released on a 7" in 2007. This was their only release until just recently, where they appeared on the South Will Rise Again comp on Cowabunga Records. There are some decent bands on this comp (Cult Ritual, Logic Problem, Socialcide and more) so pick it up.


Download Here.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Homopolice - Fuck Entertainment

Noise punk band from Texas influenced by Whitehouse and the Stooges. Has every member of No Talk (check previous posts for No Talk material) plus some other guy. Their bassist, Beau, used to do guitar for grindcore band, Insect Warfare. This band sounds nothing like either. "We are a noise band, not some hippie space jam bullshit."


Download Here.

The Cancer Kids - Boston Cream

Some people were asking for this on Kevin's other Cancer Kids post, so I figured I'd upload. This a single sided 7" with one song clocking in at thirty-four seconds. Only pressed to 100 or 150 copies. If you haven't listened to the Cancer Kids, they play fast, thrashy hardcore punk. I've never really listened to this band, so I don't know who to compare them to. Previous Cancer Kids post.


Download Here.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Alright, here we have Wiccans from Denton, Texas, a little college town outside Dallas. Denton has been shitting out some great bands recently: A.N.S., Bleach Boys, Teenage Cool Kids, Bad Sports, Wax Museums, and additionally Wiccans. I hate making this comparison but I think they kind of sound like Fucked Up. Burly vocals with poppy garage punk shredz. This shit is dangerously catchy and fun. Everyone should be stoked on this band. They have a tape coming out soon on uk label eat a book. Here's 5 songs that are going to be on that tape; buy the tape (when it comes out) to hear the rest of the jams.


download here.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rational Animals - Perception Becomes Reality EP

Straight out of fucking high school, Rational Animals. Rot-Core(Rochester, NY). These kids know how to rip. Harder than most of the bands playing the My War, mysterious-cult-punk thing. Rational Animals ride Greg Ginn's dick. HARD. Really cool later era 'Flag/Bl'ast guitar work here. Overall they sound a lot like Born Against. "Lose Cannon" is the fucking JAM that Cult Ritual wish they wrote. This is one of the better EP's I've heard recently. Check it out, I bet you'll like it. I guess they have a new one soon. Buy @ Feral Kid. Buy the Plates 7" there too. It rules.


download here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Canadian Rifle - Visibility Zero

Hey I'm Gordy, Kevin's friend. In a lapse of judgement he said I could ruin this blog.

Canadian Rifle are one of the many great bands coming out of chicago right now. They play hook-laden punk in the vein of Leatherface and Jawbreaker. I was introduced to them at when they played here in Minneapolis opening for Dillinger Four. They played a good set and it ripped. They had just released thier LP which they were touring for. I picked one up, got lucky and got the limited version (limited to 50!?). Anyways it was released by Squirrel Heart and Residue records. They also have three, seven inches out on various labels that you can find in most midwest distros. Check 'em out

(This is side A, buy it for side B, it's worth it)

Download Here

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Total Abuse - Live at WMFU

I haven't posted an entry on here for a little while, so I figured it was about time I did. This is a live set Total Abuse did on WMFU in New Jersey. If you don't know Total Abuse, they are a noisy hardcore punk band from Texas. They recently just got done with a small tour through the eastern U.S.. I believe they played some unreleased songs because I can't find any info on some of the songs they played.
1. I Can See In The Dark
2. Peace and Quiet
3. Secrets
4. Discipline
5. Fluid Exchange
6. Pure
7. Mutt


Download Here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nuclear Family - S/T

Alright, here we have a lil something different for y'all. Ryan at Extreme Noise told me to buy this record. I bought it because the drummer was in Limp Wrist. wah. However this band sounds nothing like them. Nuclear Family (Albany, NY) play garage-y, melodic punk. Big thing here is the female vocals; really good, well sung female vocals. This is their debut 7" on Loudpunk. Recorded @ Side Two by Ryan Abbott (Social Circkle). For fans of X, Wipers, Rudimentary Peni, etc. Buy this on the best punk distro on the planet.

download here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Guilty Faces - Nightmares EP

Saw this band on Wednesday night. Apparently their name is Guilty Faces (Freeze song? maybe?), they're from Philly/Connecticut. I'd only heard their demo once or twice so I wasn't really sure what to expect. We talked about Orchid and Neil Perry before their set (lol). Guilty Faces played a super tight set, especially for having two touring members that live in fucking California (and are in Bad Antics). They have a pretty unique sound aswell. They seem to blend 80s so-cal punk a la Adolescents, Angry Samoans with slower, melodic shit like Husker Du and Wipers. Snotty vocals and catchy hooks. Overall, they're a pretty top notch hardcore punk band. They have a brand new LP out on Deranged and its really fucking good; better than this EP I think. They're playing all over the country with Bad Antics, probably near you. They have this EP, their LP and some Shirts. Check the dates on their myspace, buy this EP (Room 101 Records) there too..

download here.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Lärm was an 80’s straight edge fastcore band originating from Holland. They liked to refer to themselves as “extreme noise” and you definitely need to download them if you’re a fan of Siege, Heresy, Infest, Spazz, and all that other good shit. I’m including all their releases which include the Campaign For Musical Destruction split LP with the band Stanx (Dutch punk band), No One Can Be That Dumb 7”, Straight On View LP which includes 18 great live tracks, and the Nothing Is Hard In This World If You Dare To Scale The Heights 7”.

No One Can Be That Dumb & Nothing Is Hard In This World 7"s
Campaign For Musical Destruction
Straight On View

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Daily Void - Identification Code: 5271-4984953784-06564

The Daily Void might be the best punk band from Chicago. 3/4s of Functional Blackouts and featuring Mac Blackout. Some total weirdo stuff here. Just judging by the artwork of this LP you might say this shit came from space; looks like an industrial power plant with some stairway into a black hole (steam punks will love this shit). The artwork isn't the only odd thing here. Song titles include, "Tapewurm, Insect, Man Without A Face", etc. The vocals can get a little freaky too. On "The Man Without A Face" the "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha" chorus sounds like if you were being stabbed to death by a serial killer. Anyways, The Daily Void are basically doing the noisy, "art punk" gig; but play well and interesting enough to say they're doing their own thing. For fans of Rudi P, Homostupids, Darvocets and the Fashionable Idiots discography. Buy this LP on Dead Beat. More records on Hozac, Boomchick, and Florida's Dying. All gone though.

download here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

9 Shocks Terror - Zen And Art Of Beating Your Ass

One of the most essential hardcore records in the past 10 years. These are first recordings that came out on Japanese label Devour in 1999. Not the slowed down sloppy repress on Havoc that showed up in 2002. Some say (especially the band) that the repress is the "real fucking deal" but I like the Devour press a lot more. I think it sounds a lot tighter, faster, stripped down and blown out. Hardcore for the hardcore. They're broken up now but members still live in Homostupids, Cheap Tragedies, and a few other Clevo bands that aren't coming to mind. Download the Havoc version at any other blog on the internet.

download here.