Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Gasp are an often overlooked powerviolence band that came of age with the likes of Spazz, Man is The Bastard, No Comment and others during the 90's powerviolence scene. Their sound was a combination of sludge, dissonant feedback, tape manipulation, and delayed guitars. Creating a marvelous soundscape that noone has ever been pull off. Here is what Chris Dodge (bassist for Spazz, Despise You and owner of the now defunct label, Slap a Ham records) had to say about Gasp in a great article about the 90's powerviolence scene:

[Drome Triler was] another unappreciated album when it came out. It seems like people are just now showing an interest posthumously. Their early stuff was more straightforward grind, and they eventually progressed into whacked-out psychedelic noise. They broke up soon after the LP was released. Cynthia, who was the original Gasp bass player, is doing vocals for Despise You now.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Harpoon Guns

Fast garage-y hardcore from Southern California. This rules! Shit's Rockin. They have three 7"s and an LP. I don't know too much about these guys but its well worth checking out. If you know any more about these dudes post a comment. Check out their myspace, some info there.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mentally Challenged / Men's Interest

Fairly new band from the Boston area featuring the lead guitarist from Mind Eraser (They sound nothing like Mind Eraser). This is pretty rad. It's noisy, dark, gloomy, blah blah blah~ Hardcore punk. It's pretty similar to Sex/Vid and Cold Sweat, while drawing main influences from 80s hc like Void. It's not your typical run of the mill hc, that's for sure. They've had a few tiny releases so far on Deerhealer, Painkiller, and some self released shit. I believe they have a few tapes, 7"s at the painkiller store, and they have a CD titled "Year One" which has all of their songs they've put out so far (which is what I'm going to upload). Grab all of their shit before it becomes ebay gold. The picture is from their demo tape.

The myspace

Mentally Challenged - Year One

Another new band from the Boston area is Men's Interest. They've only released a demo tape on Painkiller, which is sold out. Men's Interest are hard and heavy while being distorted and chaotic at the same time. Joe Denunzio vocalization is here along with powerful Rorschach and My War era Black Flag influence. Their demo that I'm going to upload is ripped as only one track and the recording isn't that great (sorry!) Credit to whoever ripped it. This is great, I'm really looking forward to hearing more from these dudes.

Men's Interest - Demo '08

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Inmates - Now We Talkin Hardcore! 7"

New 7" released earlier in 2008 by these Cleveland ragers. Has a little better production than the previous Assholes Unanimous 12", but in my opinion these songs are even better. Check the previous Inmates post for a little more info on the band and the aforementioned Assholes Unanimous Presents... album. Released on a foreign label, but I believe it is still available from reputable distros (try No Way or Grave Mistake) in the States. 
I'll try and get a better scan up of the cover art and perhaps the insert later. 

Vagina Boys

Relatively unknown garage punk band from San Francisco who put out one 7" on the Swedish label KenRock in 2007 before disbanding. Pretty fun, and the lyrics are as lude and ridiculous as the name would imply. Features Mr. California on vocals and ex-members of the Grabbies, Bunny, and Plastination, if that means anything to you. 


vagina boys 7"

Friday, December 19, 2008

No Talk

No Talk is a Houston, Texas punk band. I guess they sound like Texas punk band the Hates and Really Red. Features an ex member of Insect Warfare. Check em out.


Police Mafia
Invade Iran

Neon Christ - Bootleg 2x7"

Neon Christ was a hardcore punk band from Georgia that existed from 83-86. They released one 7" EP and had tracks on the PEACE 2xLP. They were influenced by bands like Black Flag, Bad Brains, and Crucifix and played similar to bands like Neos and Koro.

Download Here.


Yes, there are way too many bands named Scapegoat(s). Yes, you should still listen to yet another. Really kick ass power violence influenced by some of the greats (most noticeably, Crossed Out). This Scapegoat is from Boston and put out a 7 incher on Painkiller , which is still available and on it's third press. 10 songs clocking in at 7 minutes. Rager!

Coke Bust - Cycle Of Violence

Coke Bust is a straightedge hardcore band from Washington DC. I guess they kinda sound like Infest, but with less harsh vocals. This EP was released on 200 tapes and made for their summer tour. They also have a demo 7" and the Fuck Bar Culture 7" out.

Download Here.

United Mutation

(cover of first ep, Fugitive Family (1983) and second ep, Rainbow Person (1984), respectively)

Here we have one of my favorite bands from the early 80s hardcore era, as well as one of the most criminally overlooked. Probably one of the first hardcore bands to use that manic gutteral scream you would see later in bands like Septic Death. This "discography" compiles their first 7", demo tracks, a large handful of compilation tracks, and some live ones. On the downside, this compilation completely neglects the studio version of their excellent second EP Rainbow Person (the live version of it is included, though) and the tracks from the first 7" are all out of order. Luckily for you, I'm also including the second EP. A cumulative 35 songs for your earholes. ESSENTIAL.


Some really weird KBD-inspired punk from Cleveland, OH. Most of the songs are about conspiracies involving alien sightings, martians, crop circles, time travel... you get the picture. Unfortunately they broke up earlier this year, but not before releasing the ...Are New Wave LP on Fashionable Idiots, which you might still be able to find in some distros. The ...Have Landed CD (still available I believe and put out by Gloom Records) compiles their first LP, 7" (both out of print) and a couple live tracks. Sure to annoy your parents!

The Repos- Hearts and Heads Explode

The second Repos LP released in 2006 on Youth Attack. Chicago band that played really fucking fast, short, pummeling, angry hardcore; 17 songs clock in at 11 minutes. Don't know a whole lot about them; they broke up earlier this year and their records are pretty hard to get a hold of, so have no qualms downloading this. They also have at least two other LPs on Youth Attack and a split 7" with Fourteen or Fight on Gloom Records (all out of print, of course); not sure if that's their whole discography. I guess some of these dudes continue to play in the band Chronic Seizure. Highly recommended!

Wrangler Brutes

Short lived (2003-2004) but amazinggggg band fronted by Sam McPheeters of Born Against (One of the best front mans ever), also sharing members of (Young) Pioneers, and Universal Order of Armageddon. They were possibly most noted for their crazy and hectic live performances. WB were a hardcore punk band with a sense of humor, lots of dick-sucking artwork and lyrics that would make a nun's head explode. Seriously..one of the best bands of this decade. They released a self titled cassette that eventually hit wax, an LP titled Zulu, and the more limited records~ one sided 7" and 2x8". If you've never heard of these guys you're definitely missing out. Oh, and heres a video of Sam McPheeters on Montel in 1993 showing his love for the black laydees http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BFIyV5nUH4

Zulu LP
The Tape
Live In Oakland, CA 9.12.2004

Bands That Don't Give A Shit About Being God: Boston/Lowell Compilation EP

1. Social Circkle - Private World
2. Witches With Dicks - It's Not You, It's Me
3. The Conversions - Chosen Few
4. Out Cold - Doomsday Guy
5. Violent Nuns - The C.I.A. Is After Me
6. Sgt. Slaughter - Wildman

Here we have a compilation put out by local label Social Napalm earlier in this year that documents the local scene, though it has already changed quite a bit and a few of these bands probably aren't even around anymore. Conversions and Witches With Dicks are no longer, at least, and Social Circkle is on hiatus (?). Anyway, the title of the comp. is supposed to be a play on the comp put out in the early 80s called Bands That Could Be God  also documenting the Massachusetts hardcore scene and including bands like Deep Wound and Outpatients. And you can tell - most of these bands have that early 80s hardcore influence going on, except for Conversions and WWD. Conversions, who played their last show not too long ago, are more influenced by the early 90s emo bands like Antioch Arrow and Heroin as well as Reagan-era hardcore. Those into it should also check out their LP on Level Plane. Witches With Dicks play the No Idea pop punk/Gainsville/beards stuff influenced by bands like Dillinger Four, I guess. Not really into it. 

This comp. is still in print, I think, so if your into it or any of the bands most of them are pretty easy to find, though I'm pretty sure Violent Nuns never recorded another record.

Left For Dead, Systral, The Swarm, and Mörser

Left for Dead really need no introduction, unless you cannot locate Canada on a map, or are completely oblivious to 90's straight edge hardcore. Complete moshing mayhem will ensue once you throw this album on. When that china cymbal hits, you know it's time to kill. Members also played in Haymaker, Cursed, Ruination and the Swarm.

Systral's "Black Smoker" is what i would title the "magnus opus" of the Bremen, Germany hardcore scene. Combining a very crushing style of hardcore and Entombed -esque Death Metal. Execptional sound sampling too. Members also played in Carol, Acme, Mörser and probably many more

Seeing how these band's future project; The Swarm and Mörser, crossed paths on a split I figured I might as well upload that too.

The Swarm i very similar to Left for Dead, except no china cymbal, and they introduce some slower moments into their music as well. This is not at all their best release, but it's solid. Be sure to check out their "Old Blue Eyes Is Dead" 7" if you're interested in what you hear.

Honestly, i don't know too much about Mörser. They sound like Systral v.2. They're still together i believe and haven't released anything in recent years, and supposedly have a new full length coming out in 2009 on Garden of Exile Records.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No Bullshit

No Bullshit. A compilation series put out by No Way Records, including all your favorite 80's throwback hardcore bands. The bands on these compilations are some of the best around today so if you think you've been out of the loop, check these out. Vol. 1 and 2 are all sold out and out of print but you can still buy Vol. 3 in the No Way distro. I'm sure there will be many more of these to come.

Download all three volumes!!! (32 MB)

Vol. 1 - 2006 (Career Suicide, Government Warning, Direct Control, Strung Up, Bad Dirty Hate)
Vol. 2 - 2006 (Brain Handle, Cardiac Arrest, Rabies, Social Circkle, Warkrime, Wasted Time)
Vol. 3 - 2007 (Life Trap, Socialcide, Double Negative, Out Cold, Chronic Siezure, Acid Reflux)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Iron Lung//Hatred Surge - Collaboration 7"

Iron Surge Hatred Lung. Two of the best names in grinding hardcore come together to form this fucking AMAZING collaboration. Only 100 of these are out there at the moment. They were sold as test presses at Chaos in Tejas last summer. Regular pressings of this record are rumored to be out pretty soon. 9 tracks of rage, definitely a top 5 record of the year. There's also going to be a split between these two bands in the near future. Hatred Surge also has a webstore up, so if you want to pose around in their shirts or own that 7" I uploaded a few posts back, buy it there. http://hatredsurge.bigcartel.com/

download here.