Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oiltanker - Self Titled EP

Oiltanker is a crust influenced hardcore punk band from Hartford, Connecticut. Similar to bands like His Hero is Gone and Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade.

"From the cultural wasteland of central CT arises the explosive beer-fueled d-beat insanity of Oiltanker. Incredible dark, sludgy, crusty hardcore to get tinnitus and/or suicidally depressed to." -SSP records review

Download Here.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


New band from Chicago. They just started playing shows a month ago and they're better than half the 'hardcore' being played right now. When I first heard Duress all I could think of was ripping 90s hardcore ala Think I Care's first 7" and Voorhees. These dudes can play fast. They have a demo tape that you can buy (They'll probably send you one for free)


download the demo here.

The Blackest Curse - 1.13.2007

The Blackest Curse is the collaboration between Pulling Teeth and Dwid Hellion of Integrity. They play Integrity songs only. This is not the 12" rip, but instead I ripped the audio from live video that came with my Vicious Skin CD at 320 kb/s and split up the 13 tracks. For some reason 'Dawn of a New Apocalypse' and 'Micha' skip a little bit, but I checked the video and it skips on the video too and my CD isn't scratched at all, so the video is messed up.

Track Listing:
01. Vocal Test
02. Hollow
03. Systems Overload
04. Judgement Day
05. Salvations Malevolance
06. Dawn Of A New Apocalypse
07. Rise
08. Abraxas Annihilation
09. No One
10. Die Hard
11. Contrast Of Sin
12. Jagged Visions Of My True Destiny
13. Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow

Download Here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Homewrecker - Portrait Of Nothing

Here is another album by a local Cleveland band. Homewrecker is a hardcore band which plays hardcore similar to bands like Infest. Has a nice balance of slower and faster parts. Check it out.

No track listing on the files.
1. intro
2. where you stand
3. it repeats
4. forget
5. intro/gravedigger
6. brain biter
7. portrait of nothing
8. black mud
9. bottom of a well

Download Here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rid The World - Demo

Rid the World is a fast, heavy hardcore band from Cleveland, Ohio. Think Infest, Crossed Out and similar bands. They just started, so their only release is this demo.

Download Here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kylesa - Static Tensions

Holy shit. This is really fucking good. Way better than the last record and probably their heaviest to date. I think they still have 2 drummers but they lost their bassist with the crusty vocals; so none of that on this record. They now have the bassist of Born Against, weird. I kinda feel like an asshole posting this on here, but the LP is really expensive; $28 for the deluxe and $20 for the normal version. Buy it though, great record, it'll sound better too. They're doing a huge-ass US tour this spring with IntrOnaut and Nachtmystium. Go see them, even if their are playing at some stadium.

buy it
download here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Unwound - S/T

Unwound's first release ever on Gravity records in 1992. Ripped right from my record player. They're Unwound's 3 best songs too. If you've never heard Unwound, they sound like Fugazi + Black Flag + Husker Du. One of the best bands to come out of Seattle.
download here.

Purple Mercy

What do members of trendy hardcore bands do when they get bored of playing trendy hardcore? They smoke weed and rip off black sabbath and electric wizard. Purple Mercy have members of Life Long Tragedy and Sabertooth Zombie, I think. This shit is actually good, at least I enjoy it. Here's the 3 songs off their myspace. Too high to die.

download here.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hatred Surge - Isolated Human E.P.

Here's the new 6 song EP by Hatred Surge on Painkiller. It's alright. Pretty disappointing in my opinion. The songs aren't as fast, a bit of a snoozefest. There's even a 50 second noise bit on the first track (ZzzZzZZzzZzzZZ). I'm not into the female vocals here at all. Too bad this record isn't on 33rpm, I'm almost sure it would sound better on 45 (This is true for the new Mind Eraser 7") I hope they bring back the violence on their next release.

download here.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Emo is for Girls!

Female fronted emo! What more do you want!?

I know I'll be listening to this on Valentines day, home alone, sobbing in my own self pity......

The Snacks
I have no information about this band whatsoever. Apparently these songs came from a split they put.

The Pennikurvers
Formed several months after Honeywell's breakup and before the formation of Volume Eleven.

125, Rue Montmatre
Straight outta Ger-money, they released this 7", a split with Maggat and appeared on several comps.

Crash and Britany
Released a 7", a LP, a tape, and appeared on the In Memory of Jason comp. If you have the LP PLEASE SHARE IT!!!!!!

Dahlia Seed
One of the most intense band I've ever heard. Lyric are amazing as well. They released a couple of splits, 7"s, 2 full lengths,

I gave you milk.
I gave you cookies from my lunch.
We played Star Wars,
I let you be my hero.

Why wont you tell our secret?
Why do you say these lies?
Why do you give the half truth ?
Why dont you have a spine?

I wrote you notes.
I let you cheat off my seat work
I scratched your name
at every desk I sat at.

Why wont you tell our secret?
Why do you say these lies?
Why do you give the half truth?
Why dont you have a spine?

Ashamed of me,
admit I wasn't like a girl ( you wanted)
You wanted dumb.
I wont play dead for you.

Why wont you tell our secret?
Why do you say these lies?
Why do you give the half truth?
Why dont you have a spine?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vile Gash

Fucked up music from Columbus, Ohio. Second demo is coming out on Youth Attack this quarter.

Vile Gash - Demo I
Vile Gash - Demo II forthcoming 2009 on Youth Attack



キャッチ'日、キャッチ'日、 'すべての日キャッチ奨め
キャッチ'日、キャッチ'日、 'すべての日キャッチ奨め
キャッチ'日、キャッチ'日、 'すべての日キャッチ奨め


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Antidote - Thou Shall Not Kill EP

Here's the best NYHC EP of all time, possibly the best EP of all time. Fast, pissed, and raging in every way possible. There isn't a bad song on here. Recorded in 1983. No, this is not by the horrible street punk band from holland. Wake up to the real deal.

download here.

Alice In Chains/Pearl Jam/Nirvana

Fuck. Yes. Not for the weak. Support the troops.

Alice In Chains - Dirt

Pearl Jam - Ten

Nirvana - Bleach