Monday, November 16, 2009

Guinea Kid - Tape EP

I just heard this band last night. A group 17-year-olds from north west Indiana playing amazing hardcore punk that's SO much better than most of the garbage that's been coming out recently. I guess they've been playing in this band since they were 14 too. They're aggressive and ripping with some bright melodic guitar-work noodled in--which ends up sounding fucking awesome. Sounds a lot like Ill Repute and Adolescents with a little well added mosh. Singer has his snotty so-cal skate punk vocals down perfectly. I have nothing bad to say about this, so much good. I wish I was apart of something this cool when I was in high school. I'm not sure where you can get this but Not Normal released it, contact them. Only Side A/B for now.

this just in: some members may be 18 and out of high school

download here.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bad Choice - Demo 09

Picked up this guy at the Urban Blight show last night. Bad Choice are another Toronto band. This demo is pretty great, definitely reflects the current sounds of Toronto. Obviously influenced by Boston and New York hardcore scenes circa 1982. Check it out if you like The Abused, DYS, Jerry's Kids, SSD, Sheer Terror, and all the NYC/Boston true favorites. I've heard people say they're the best thing since 86 Mentality. Get the tape from the band, Gravemistake also has copies. The band has their demo for download on their myspace, it's the same rip. Dig it.

download here.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Modern Problems [Cassette]

Ripping hardcore punk from these Winnipeg lads and lassie? Think Necros, Die Kruzen, and Deep Wound. Saw them in the spring and enjoyed the set thoroughly. This tape has the recordings of the "Trainwreck" 7" that was supposed to be released by Firestarter, but hasn't happened yet due to a lot of delays and bullshit. They also slapped a live recording of most of the 7" songs and a Wipers cover on the B side. Contact at their myspace I guess. Enjoy.

download here.

Getting Even - Demo 2009

A bunch of old hardcore dudes playing hardcore punk like they were 18 again. I wanna say Getting Even are a spark to this burnt out scene in Minneapolis. Even though most of these dudes are in their 30's (the oldies were in Holding On, Pandamonium, Kill Sadie, plus more) they still know how to fucking rip. I'd best describe Getting Even as playing mid-tempo hardcore punk in the vein of Bl'ast, Damaged era Black Flag, and some Age of Quarrel hardness. Lot's of cool Ginn riffage (band name is from a Greg Ginn album?). All I can say is that this is a really solid hardcore demo. Dig it. No they sound nothing like Infest like the logo may suggest.

If you want a tape send $3 ppd to
PO Box 141048
MPLS, MN 55414

download here. (re-uploaded, not corrupted for pc users anymore)

The World Itself Is A Bad Dream

I've been meaning to share since it came out about a month ago. Released by the great Drugged Conscience. This comp-cassette has 6 of hardcore's youngest and unparalleled bands in 2009. Half the bands on here are from Florida. Nazi Dust - Cult Ritual members. Panzram - from the ashes of Merkit,. Bad Year. Dead Stare from Tacoma - I don't know anything about them. Chicago's Duress have the best track on here--they have a 7" out soon. Rational Animals from NY also have an awesome song. The tape just recently sold out from Drugged Conscience, some bands may have copies, contact them if you wish.

download here.

Vile Gash - Leech

Bought this at the MK-Ultra Reunion Pre-Show with Raw Nerve, Manipulation, and Duress. This 'cassingle' is certainly not as good as the last two demos, but it's worth checking out if you're into the other stuff. I think the problem is that the cassette itself stinks, and you can't hear shit. 3 songs. Two very brief new ones and an awesome YDI cover. Not sure if the band has any left. Email for contact. Apparently the new 7" on Youth Attack is great. Released soon. Don't sleep.

download here.


Toronto's punk scene is amazing. Some of my favorite bands live there (Urban Blight, Career Suicide, and all the great shit members of Fucked Up are doing; especially Jonah's band Mad Men--check out the demo here). Anyways, another great band from Toronto are the Dangerloves. Female-fronted power pop of the catchiest mold. Dangerloves formed in 2006 and broke up about a year ago- probably to dedicate more time to Urban Blight, Reprobates, and Career Sucide. They released three 7" singles, on Fashionable Idiots, Dead Idea, and Static Shock. Pretty sure they're all sold out from the labels but I've seen the first two 7"s in a million used bins for super cheap. I'm uploading two of the singles, find the Static Shock one on your own. You'll be playing these singles over and over and over.

download here.