Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Veins [Cassette]

The HardCore to end all HardCore is here. The Mark McCoy & fabulous Das Oath member shredding on guitar with tormenting vocal blitz courtesy from Berdan of the late Drunkdriver. 6 tracks of fierce, sensual harCore reminiscing the first Oath 7". An instant classic. Limited to 333 copies, released by the Youth Attack empire. Fascinating and enigmatic packaging. Sold out. A repress of this cassette on a 7" in the works. Enjoy.

download here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Defile - Demo 2010

New Chicago hardcore band featuring Raw Nerve member on Vocals. Defile wallow through 7 tracks in three and half minutes drudging in a cesspool of tuneless blight. Buy a copy of this mess here:

download here.

Young Governor - Guv Luv Mix Tape Vol. 1

Following the same direction as Fucked Up with their handful of "Mixtapes" they've released over the years. Young Guv brings us his Mixtape featuring unreleased recordings of Marvelous Darlings, The Bitters, and Guv himself. Strange and hilarious Remixes, odd samples, and random audio like "A Christmas Message from Dwid Hellion" on Fucked Up's 3rd Mixtape. The hit on here is "Jonas Brothers ft. Demi Levato and Guv - This Is Me". The mixtape ends with Guv saying, "This is the stupidest thing I've ever done". Almost a half hour of entertainment and hot fuzzed-out punk jams. Was available for a while, now sold out. Enjoy.

download here.

Omegas - Psycho Dives on Slam Skank Anthems

Canada strengthens their reigns on hardcore with Montreal's, Omegas. Psycho Dives on Slam Skank Anthems was their first offering released back in late 2008 then pressed to wax in 09. This 4 song demo is six minutes of everything that I love about hardcore. Omegas keep things loose, bringing to mind some Boston favorites ala DYS and jams off Is This My World?& maybe a little bit of Government Issue. Recording on this release is off-the-wall perfect, Jonah Falco must have had some kind of touch to this fierce demo. As the title suggests, there's no real better way to describe this perfect release other than Psycho Dives on Slam Skank Anthems. This tape is finally sold out but a new Omegas 7" is out now on High Anxiety records- Copies are in the Parts Unknown store as well. KICK IT.

download here.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vaccuum - Demo

Another killer band from the Bay Area. Vaccuum feature klans from the Repercussions, Morpheme, and some other California rippers. Vaccuum offer some violent turbulence with 9 tracks of blistering international hardcore outcry. Lot's of piercing, noisy GISM-esque guitar tones with an assault of speedy Scandinavian hardcore a long the lines of Headcleaners & Terveet Kadet. Send $4ppd to VLARUSSA@GMAIL.COM for a copy of this monster of a demo.

download here.