Monday, May 17, 2010

Waste Managment - Waste Taste 2010 CS

The new cassette by Boston freaks Waste Management. First offering of hot rockin' slamjams since the 2007 masterpiece Get You Mind Right 7". The Waste return with six new cuts and the live recordings from Edge Day 2008 featuring covers of THE ABUSED and DYS. Too loko to say more. These rippers may see the light of day on wax sooner or later yeah? Hopefully? This is probably still around. Ask a punk. You Gotta Use Your Mind!

download here.

Chrome Jesus - Anti Aquarian CS

New synth heavy release from the hand(s) of hardcore playboi #1 Wes Eisold. 13 minutes of cool electronic stuff similar to tracks off Cold Cave's - Cremations LP. Prolly doing a disservice by posting it here since I know dick about this styling of music...but..check it out . Released by Hospital Records and sold out real fast like.

download here.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Total Abuse - Mutt LP

All hail Total Abuse. The Mutt is here. Breeding the ravaging early 80s hardcore punk sound with the abrasive dissonance and construction of UK powerelectronics. Full of hot riffs and excruciating noise for the most sophisticated of mysterious guy hardcore fans. This halfbred mongrel is out now on PPM, also available at your local Best Buy.

download here.