Monday, June 14, 2010

Walls - 2010 Tour 7"

I bought this at that Mind Eraser / Slang show too. Surprisingly, Jensen of Iron Lung HQ was filling in on drums for Mind Eraser so he had all of his shit for sale as well. Walls finally offer some new rippers after touring off those two 12"s for almost the past two years. This single has two new downer, Rorschach-esque, savage slammers and a delightful cover of the great Midwest USHC champions, Die Kreuzen. Very nice screened covers on this record too. This is only available on tour directly from the band. I expect many more exciting things from Walls, and the already empirical Iron Lung label.

download here.

Warning//Warning - My World 7"

If you haven't heard the Warning//Warning demo of last year yet, please get yer head out of yr ass. I'm kind of confused by this band though...They're from France, but sing in English, but have Japanese song titles/printed lyrics. I don't think anyone in this band is from Japan either, "Fabro, Nico, Olive, and Fish" all sound pretty frenchie to me. I also don't know if they're just a bunch of French hipsters that discovered recordings sound 'cool' if you set up a recorder in a tin-can across the room combined with delayed vocals, and somehow got a cool graphic designer to punk-out all their artwork. Whatever. Who cares. This shit is great. Total Japanese noisecore worship, in the vein of bands like Tranquilizer, Confuse, Coward etc. Classic "broken english" styled lyrics and killer wah-pedal effects too. I guess some of these dudes were in that french raw-punk band Gasmask Terror. Hope this guys head to the states soon. The first track is titled in Japanese text, but, I obviously don't know Japanese, or where to find those stupid characters on the internet, so deal with it. You can download their demo and new cassingle at their fancy website. Contact the band for a copy. warningwarning[at] Enjoy.

download here.

Ecoli - Swarm On The Swine 7"

Three new cuts from these Bay Area freaks. Weirdest recordings so far from Ecoli. Taking their sound to a whole new level of filthy, unrelenting innovation. Some real creepy crawly lyrics on here too, "Melting meat globs released, dirty puddles of feces". Sadly this EP is short, I wish there were at least 3 more tracks on here. Still quite fantastic though. If you liked Ecoli's previous recordings, be sure to pick this papi up. Brought to you by Stress Domain Records. Don't miss these surfin' California hotties on tour, that's on the road right now.

download here.

The A-Team - Clusterfuck 7"

Some essential early 2000's Boston HC right for yas. One of the more under-rated/under-listened bands of that era, the A-TEAM. This shit is the REAL DEAL and just plain hard. Also probably one of the best cuts of the early 00's. Killer riffs, crucial mosh parts, and some nasty hooks, making this 7" a true "no slow all go" masterpiece. If any record could amount to heroin or something...this might be it. I'd been meaning to listen to this band for so long and could never find copies off or online, but finally snagged a copy of off ebay recently, so here it is. This is also Painkiller 001. Rip it up.

download here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sorry Excuse - Listen With Prejudice 7"

Another batch of sweet grooves from the seemingly most bleak area east of the rockies: Kansas City. SorryxExcuse hammer though 8 straight edge dazzlers in exactly 5 minutes. Sorry Excuse bring a step forward in HC2k10, tossing out any hint of top 40 HC bullshit or the mystery punk burden, but bringing back the ravaging speed and energy of the Repos with the hard mosh rules from the Lockin' Out empire. Half these dogs also jam with No Class. Shoot yourself in the foot if you missed their little east coast excursion a few weeks ago. This is the just the tour version, got dis at their gig in Chicago a few weeks ago, regular copies are yet to be available. Peep ThirdxParty records till the record gets it's proper release, maybe contact them for some extra tour copies. Killer stuff all around here.

download here.