Monday, February 28, 2011

Women In Prison - Demo CS

Hell yeah, six hot demo cuts from this new supergroup from Tejas, with the hillside stranglaz from TOTAL ABUSE, SACRED SHOCK & FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS. These tracks actually remind me a lot of the first FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS LP (One of my favorite Chicago records ever),the snotty, funky reverby vocals and that warm, fat, delicious bass, but without the whacko guitar shit, instead with catchy ass retard-slop off the hits of BLOODSTAINS ACROSS TEXAS and assorted KBD bangers. "Birth of Rots" seriously has the catchiest punk riff ever…wanna dance? Guess they already have some singles that are about to be shat out, one soon on HOZAC, surely it will revive the labels punk status....yeah the 7" on HOZAC is OUT NOW, go buy it right now.

download here.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diet Cokeheads - Oral / Nasal

Great name? Or greatest name? This band has done something profound, by defying my personal rule of thumb with these Noise/Punk/Whateverthefuck bands of: the recordings ain't as good as the show. Thats saying a hell of a lot considering they kicked my ass live. Both on record, and in their seamless live set, the stand out track has gotta be jöns. I can't wait for the next record, which should no doubt be called Aural.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teenage Panzerkorps - Thee Incantations of Bunker Wolf 7"

New 7" from the the coolest half German, half American band on earth: Der Teenage Panzerkorps! Here's 4 new tracks 'hot off the heels' of their latest and AMAZING full-length "German Reggae" 12" out soon(?) on Holiday recs, it's available on cassette over at Campaign for Infinity right now though, seriously a spectacular LP. TPK's raw, melancholy, psychedelic post-punk sound...with those iron-fisted deutsch vocals make every release such a treat. Hail Bunker Wolf! Only 116 pressed! You'll be lucky if there's any left over at Release The Bats.

download here.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wiccans - Teenage Cults 7"

This one has been out for a bit, but I haven't had a chance to present it much (lazy lazy). When I heard the first Wiccans recordings well over a year ago I was floored, I hadn't heard anything so catchy and distinguished from a modern punk band, I had to do their record. Teenage Cults has the 4 best cuts off the demo, re-mixed and mastered to perfection. Their killer links of speedy USHC styled punk with euphoric double guitar riff attacks on top make the record a total smashing hardcore release...all behind one of the most powerful and glorious throats I've heard since Fucked Up. Wiccans already have an LP recorded, and it's fucking killer, hopefully it should be ready for their tour this summer. Also: PERFECT LIVE BAND, truly a must see. Members of Wax Museums, Teenage Cool Kids, Silver Shampoo, Bad Sports: Denton, TX rules. Termbo loves this record, read the review. Limited to 300. Last copies available, again at

download here.

Getting Even - S/T 7"

The latest release on my Pass Judgement label. 3-way Split release with Rock Bottom recs, who's responsible for all the early Off With Their Heads releases, and One Percent Records, which got dug up from the grave to help out on this one too. Anyways, This is Getting Evens debut 7", I posted up their demo about a year ago, maybe you listened to it, but now here's the real deal. The 7" is 4 tracks of punchy, riffy, groove-hitting hardcore punk. Much so in the light of BL'AST's "It's In My Blood" or POISON IDEAS "Plastic Bomb", a hard hitting layer of hooks, mosh and perfect execution. Members of past Minneapolis hc championing groups: THE REAL ENEMY, HOLDING ON, & BODIES LAID BROKEN. First pressing of 300 on purple vinyl still available at

download here.