Sunday, November 28, 2010


Fashionable Activism is now in print! First issue now available. Interviews with NO CLASS (KC) and MAUSER (FL). 20 full sized pages. First run of 100 with red covers. 3ppd US // 5ppd World. Distros holler.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The UV Race - Homo CS

God. I FUCKING LOVE The UV Race. Got to see them three fucking times in September, along with Total Control (who are absolutely mind blowing live). Honestly, they are the best punk band right meow-not many bands get the hair on my neck to stand on end. tape I picked up from em when they played Chicago, all these tracks are going onto an LP that should be available real soon, (not sure who's putting it out). 10 more brilliant tracks of fuzzed out punk the way Aussies have always been kickin' it (see: The Victims, The Clean, The Numbers, etc.). On this guy there's a bit more discordant noisey bumps and experimentation (the LP spans almost 35 minutes), but still perfectly captures the catchy KBD garage steeze. Ripped in two tracks, sorry, shit would have taken forever.

Note: This is a just a cassette rip. Buy the LP when it comes out for the real deal.

download here.

Sucked Dry CS

Another killer band coming out of the woodwork in Kansas City. Sucked Dry have existed for a bit but haven't released much, maybe just a demo? I'm not sure how to describe this... The recordings are fairly 'modern' sounding, not the monolithic 'fast n pissed' get up, but it does kinda has the same production of a Ceremony record or something...but without the faggotry. Solid stuff. I haven't listened to something this fast in a while. Peep it.

download here.

Mauser - 2010 Summer Tour EP

Crushing raw punk from Gainesville, Florida!! Totål Kaaos, Disorder, Anti-Cimex worship. I'm obsessed with how much this sounds just like Crude SS, PERFECT. I interviewed Mauser for the first issue of the printed Fashionable Activism zine, which should be out soon, so look for that! This is their first release, no demo. 7" on Vinyl Rites next month! Raw Punk 2.0 in full effect! Hails. Band contact: Mauserpunk[at]

download here.

Omegas - Joyboy Mix Vol. 1

Quirky little mixtape from the mighty Omegas. Feat. live and unreleased Omegas bombs, Bad Choice and Urban Blight traxx, songs about hoagies, "Louie, Louie", and more. A full hours worth of skuzz. B-Side is a full recording of one of their sets.

download here.