Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Insult to Injury

Don't know anything about this band, but they have this LP, 7" and some comp tracks out. They remind me of Assfactor 4 and maybe Render Useless at times. Very intense, melodic, and most of! Yay! Rainbows and Shit!

Have fun here:

Charles Bronson- Discography

It's Charles Bronson, enough said.

Complete Discocrappy


Features the members of American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost and the singer from The Hope Conspiracy. Rock n Roll Hardcore punk. This is all they have release to date and its still unknown if they will release anything ever again. I have my fingers crossed they do. This shit is straight up FUN.


American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost

Probably one of the greatest hardcore bands of our generation. I know people
say how over hyped they are, but seriously, they are that good. Some of the greatest lyrics ever. I really don't know what else to say about them other than, DOWNLOAD.
Almost everything they released is here besides the GUTG- love american ep, unless They released shit that I haven't been able to find yet.

Background Music
The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter
We're Down Till We're Underground
Year One

Asshole Parade

Sick ass Hardcore Trash from GAINESVILLE! Probably the greatest city to ever put music out. They are fast, pissed and fucking awesome. Here is Embers, Fire and Destruction, and a split without the other bands half.

Fire and Destruction


This band is called Mayyors. They play fucked up rock & roll. Loud as fuck and more distorted than your mothers fartz. I really know nothing about this band other than random internet hype and that they're from Sacramento, California. Shit rules though. I'm uploading two of their 7"s into one zip file. Check it out if you like heavy, loud, noisy punk. Pretty similar to Brainbombs, Homostupids, etc. You can buy their records on ebay or vlv for 3 times the price they originally sold for.

download here

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pig Heart Transplant

Pig Heart Transplant is a noise/experimental project headed by Jon Kortland of Iron Lung and GOB. If you're into Bastard Noise or Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, than check this out. His albums are put out in very small quantities, so the stuff I up is probably out of print.

Download Supremacy.
Download Hope You Enjoy Heaven.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Cancer Kids - The Possible Dream

Ripping Fastcore from the woods of Western Massachusetts. In vein of the West Coast Bandanna Thrash. Relatively unknown band featuring members of Bucket Full of Teeth. I think they only played a handful of shows before they broke up. Despite their shyness, they recorded one of my favorite releases on Youth Attack. They have a little humorous edge that I'm really into as well. The drummer is now in Failures. Last time I checked the LP, The Possible Dream, was available at Youth Attack's e-store. Grab that shit because only 700 of them were ever pressed.

download here.

Captain Cleanoff / Open Wound - Split

Late 90's Australian Grindcore gods Captain Cleanoff are noisey as fuck on this split. Open Wound are also very cute. This post is for all you grind/violence fanboys. *~*~*In Grind We Crust~*~*~ Recorded in 1999. 4 Tracks by each band. Members went to form Fuck..I'm Dead. Check out CC's New LP. It rips.

download here.

Civic Progress - Live at KDHX & Disposable EP

Civic Progress is a punk band from St. Louis, Missouri. They play in vein of current punk bands Government Warning and Double Negative. The Disposable EP is their newest EP and the live set is a live recording from their 1-22-07 set on KDHX. If you have the mp3s from the KDHX set and you didn't download from here, re-download this one. The tags were all fucked up on the original files. The KDHX has great audio for a live set, btw.

Download KDHX.
Download Disposable.

Mammoth Grinder - ...Goes To College (Demo Tape)

Mammoth Grinder is a downtuned, sludgy hardcore band from Austin, Texas. Think like a heavier and better Coliseum. This is their demo put out by Ghosthunt. Contains four tracks and only one was re-recorded and put on the "Rage and Ruin" LP.

Download Here.

H100s - Discography

H100s were a mid nineties hardcore punk band from Cleveland, Ohio similar to Poison Idea and the Darvocets. Members went on to Nine Shocks Terror, Gordon Solie Mother Fuckers, and Cheap Tragedies. I deleted the old H100s post and decided to up all three EPs (Dismantle, Texas Death Match, and Destroy Cleveland).

Download Here.

Warpriest - Archaic Revival

Warpriest is a sludge and crust influenced hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. Think along the lines of Tragedy and His Hero is Gone, but a lot better. This their LP on Streetcleaner records. I believe it is out of print. Also, I believe they have broken up, but am not too entirely sure.

Download Here.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Thrashy french hardcore in vein of something like Lärm or Siege. I Don't know too much about them, but here's their split with Final Blast and 2 of their demos. Scour Soulseek if you want more.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mind Eraser - The Prodigal Son Brings Death

New Mind Eraser EP on Young Blood Records. YB webstore is down for now but you can buy this from RevHQ and other places I'm guessing; for a non limited version. Sounds pretty hard. Still waiting for my copy in the mail, until then will I announce my shitty opinion.

Young Blood Records
Buy @ RevHQ

download here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In Disgust // Godstomper

Originally recorded live @ KJFC on December 17, 2007 and finally put out on a crummy piece of plastic by San Jose's own Unholy Thrash records and kept to a mere 350 copies. In Disgust are at their best here, while Godstomper spew out their bass and drum (synths too, for some reason) attack.