Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Burning Love - 2009 Demo

Canadian punk band with stoner metal influences. Chris Colohan (Cursed, Left for Dead, The Swarm) does vocals for this band and I believe other members are in Mature Situations, Our Father and Vatican Chainsaw Massacre. The download of this demo on their site is all one track, so I split them up (six tracks). The tape is still available from ShirtKiller and I believe they have some other material coming out soon.

Their blogspot.

Download Here.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Tile - Adult Video

I bought this Cassette at the Fresh Meat/Middle America show a few weeks ago after it was recommended to me by one of them. Tile play perverted and heinous noise rock. Self discribed "Allentown, Pennsylvania sleezy, sludge, punk rock, noise band." For fans of Brainbombs, Flipper, Drunks With Guns or contemporaries Drunkdriver, Clockcleaner, etc. Tile has the singer of Fresh Meat/Carpenter Ant playing bass and vocals. Buy the re-press of their first 7" and their new 12" EP at Limited Appeal. I've heard nether. Apparently they've only played shows inside of PA, this should change. head to tilenoise for more news, mp3, contact etc.

download here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rat Mask - Demo 2009

It's been a slow month for Fashionable Activism, my apologies. I just noticed we have 100 posts already? fuck. Anyways... Here's Rat Mask from Buffalo, NY. 6 Shows and death. They're playing their final show tonight with the Cult Ritual in Syracuse. Its a shame since this demo is really fucking good. Rat Mask play relatively unique hardcore punk. Blending noisy Black Flag B side My War (I think I mentioned this on the last post too, fuck) with raw ripping USHC. Nice blend of mid-tempo, fast, mid-tempo, fast, fast, fast. An easy band to compare them to would be Cold Sweat. I love The Repos-esque vocals on here too. A cassette run of this Demo will be available this week, CD-Rs of the demo still available. E=mail ratmask@gmail.com if you want one.

download here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slices - S/T #2

The second Slices 7" out on Canadian label Home Invasion. Their first 7" that came out on 16oh a few months ago (sold out) was a huge hit and made hardcore interesting again. Slices are thought to sound like "Crossed Out playing B Side of My War" or something silly like that. A pretty accurate description though. Fast, noisy, with tons fist pounding jams. They have members of Brain Handle and Warzone Womyn. Home Invasion just released new singles from Dry-Rot and Middle America, get all 3 for 16ppd, shipped from fucking canada. Contact @ homeinvasionrecords@gmail.com. Anyways..this record shreds and you need to buy it. If you're not impressed with Slices, you're a bore. Also: excuse my greasy finger prints on the artwork.

download here.

5/5/2000 & Piz Urlaun split

This is a split between two very different bands. 5/5/2000 is a drone project headed by Ryan of Cattle Decapitation and Nathan of Creation is Crucifixion. They contribute one song to this split which is about twenty minutes long. Piz Urlaun is a grindcore band from Germany. I can't tell you much about them because I haven't really bothered to listen to them. They contribute eight songs clocking in at 19 minutes. Also, if you change the 5/5/2000 tags using the Properties option in Windows, it will change the album artist tag to 5;2000, so you have to use a media player or tagger to change it back to 5/5/2000.


Download Here.

Flyin' Trichecos - Self Titled EP

Awesome punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. This band definitely adds to the mess of weirdo Clevo style bands. Paul from Inmates plays guitar, and some greasy Italian nutso sings. This is their 7", which I believe has been recently repressed, so pick it up.


Download Here.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Urban Blight - More Reality

AMAZING new MLP by Toronto's Urban Blight. They blend fast, angry hardcore with hard hitting NY/Boston mosh. Recorded by Jonah of Fucked Up and sounds like an old Agnostic Front record, which rules. For some odd reason they have disguised this rager as a hip-hop single. hah. For sure a top 5 of 2009. I really hope they play the states soon. Don't miss out on this record. Limited to like 500 copies, so hurry up. Slasher Records / Myspace

download here.

also: their self titled 7" on Deranged. here.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Human Mess - Anger Problems

I'm really fucking bored, sitting in a creepy hotel in northern England.. So I'm going to blog about some hardcore. This is Human Mess's second 7" and the follow up to their LP that came out a few months ago on No Way. They're from Bakersfield, CA. The vocalist of Loser Life sings. They play raw, blistering hardcore. Sounds like early 80s HC ala Poison Idea. Maybe its just me but I think they have weird garage/surf vibez too. These are selling really fast, less than 50 left out of a pressing of 500. Buy it from the label Desensitized and buy all their other shit from No Way records. "Highly recommended if you like hate and sex."


download here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


C.R. (Compassionate Revolution) were a hardcore punk band from Staten Island, New York. They were pretty short lived; existed in the mid 90's. Some people would call them thrashcore or powerviolence, but really, they're very unconventional to say the least. They have fast blasting Infest styled parts along with jam-out Drive Like Jehu riffage with a little touch of early NYHC. All their songs are totally different, it's like they can't decide what they want to sound like. One second they sound like Unwound and the next they sound like Crossed Out. I love it. Their lyrics are intensely passionate and honest, almost like they should be an Ebullition band. They had one LP, a few 7"s, and were on a few compilations. Most on Reservoir Records. I can't seem to find any other mp3s of C.R. so I can only provide the 7" that I own. :( Please email me if you have any other mp3's or are willing to trade with me. They're playing a reunion show on September 26th in NYC and the 27th in Philly. Please go see them.

download here.

edit: I found the Discography; download here.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Burning Witch/Thorr's Hammer

Burning Witch was a doom metal band from Seattle, WA and was made up of member’s from Sunn O))) and created by members of Thorr’s Hammer after it ended. I’m including Thorr’s Hammer’s EP because it’s fucking awesome and Runhild has amazing vocals on it. Here’s Towers... by Burning Witch because it has my favorite songs that are on Crippled Lucifer which is way over 100 MB even after zipped. You can pick up the CDs for Burning Witch’s compilation CD, Crippled Lucifer and Dommedagsnatt by Thorr’s Hammer at Southern Lord

Towers... - Burning Witch
Dommedagsnatt - Thorr's Hammer

Cult Ritual - Holidays

New teaser 7" out on Life's a Rape. This single has a REEEMIX of one of the LP tracks and a weirdo experimental b-side; bag pipes? forest animals? wat? Limited to 250, these might not be sold out yet, CR have them on tour. This 7" was apart of a group of new releases put out by Life's A Rape along with a new Loser Life LP, and a single by a awesome new band called OK? Buy them all. info here: http://board.vivalavinyl.org/thread/view/89959/

download here.

Fag Cop

Raw, scummy, disgusting garage punk from Lawrence, Kansas. lowwwwwwww-fi and extremly filthy; counterbalanced with a fast, catchy rhythm. Self identified as "Jizz Wave". They're about to embark on a US tour, go see them or pose forever. I'm uploading two of their 7"s on here, they have a compilation song on World's Lousy, look though the archive for it. I have the total Fag Cop collection (34 Songs) but some tracks are untitled and I don't know where the fuck they came from, email me if you're interested. Only for people with ears. Pretty sure everything is SOLD OUT.

I'm Fucking Dead
Illuminati Dollar


Oh wow, another new Youth Attack release. Its Will Killingsworth of Orchid/Ampere/Failures fame and Dan from Daniel Striped Tiger playing some rockin' garage punk. For fans of Reatards and all that shit. Complaints perfectly blend the poppy, guitar screechin' Memphis sound with a dirty hardcore punk undercurrent. It's SOLD OUT, I'm guessing there will be some kind of re-press.

download here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cult Ritual - Live at Side Two

Got this puppy in the mail today. A live set that Cult Ritual recorded at Side Two studios in Boston. It has 5 tracks. 4 songs off the new LP, and a cover of Seasick by Jesus Lizard. Still bummed I missed the mail order edition of the LP. Get the tour copy from them when they play your town (really fucking soon). I think they'll have this tape with them too, it's sold out from the label though. Enjoy.

download here.