Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mad Minds - Can't Take Much More

Here's another Cleveland hardcore post. Mad Minds plays hardcore punk similar to bands like Coke Bust, Government Warning, and Warkrime. I'm normally against posting in print material, but I figure it would help them get some exposure by posting it. If the label or band wants this removed, I'll take it off.


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Monday, April 27, 2009

Out of Step: Zombie Grindcore Holocaust

A few Sundays ago (Easter sunday), while you and your mother were at church, Minneapolis' Radio K: Out of Step was blasting the airwaves with the worlds greatest grind to celebrate the coming of christ. To help with the ceremony was Steve of Bodies Lay Broken (Minneapolis Grind kingz). 57 tracks of grind just under 2 hours. You can listen to the show on the Out Of Step website or download all the tracks here. Featured bands include Unruh, Pretty Little Flower, Netjajev SS, Agathocles, and all your favorites.

download here.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Insect Warfare - Fuck HPMA

This is a live noise set done at the Houston Press Music Awards. No drums, just vocals and noise. They only got to do about a six minute set because the HPMA feared they would damage the equipment. I guess there were only 13 of these made. It seems to do some skipping at the end, but I believe that was how they were on the CD. Only one track at 128k.

Download Here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

FNU Ronnies

Weird, loud, punk from Philly. Uploading the "Meat 7" and the "Golem CS". For fans of Drunkdriver, Daily Void, Homostupids, and Clockcleaner.

download here.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Here we have the winners of the 2009 Gilman Speed Trials. SFN are a powerviolence trio from Wisconsin. SFN love weed. They also love Crossed Out and playing too fast. I'm pretty sure these dudes are under 21; 21 times better than most 'powerviolence' popping up these days. They've had a 7" on 625 and two CD-rs released on Drugged Conscience (One of the great labels in this day and age). I believe the CD-rs are sold out, you might be able to find the 7" in a random distro. I'll upload the Collection CD-R and the new CD-r that came out about a month ago- it's a recording of a radio show they did with a few new songs and a NOFX cover!

download Collection CD-r here.

download Live on WSUM here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Syphilitic Vaginas

Syphilitic Vaginas are a Sweden based, blackened thrash trio that are highly influenced by 80's Japanese hardcore punk. They get their name from the G.I.S.M. song "(Tear Their) Syphilitic Vaginas To Pieces". They sound like early Celtic Frost + Sabbat + Gauze. They're also very much influenced by Lucifer himself. They're currently on Rescued From Life Records. What's uploaded here is their whole discography so far, which includes a few 12"s and 7"s. Bottom line: This shit rules, highly recommended!!!

download here.

Moutheater - No Ballet

Norfolk, VA’s Moutheater bring a heavy, noisy style of rock that takes no prisoners and doesn’t make any attempts to be pretty or melodic. They play a soundtrack to misery somewhat resembling The Jesus Lizard or The Melvins. They have a new LP coming out in June and have released a split with Vegas and another ep entitled Lot Lizard. This was pressed in very small pressings on cassette and CD.

Download Here.

Nice Face - Mnemonic Device

This just came in the mail today with some Dead Luke shit from Sacred Bones. Nice Face is basically the other faceless/mysterious/whatever dude in Brooklyn. (First being Blank Dogs obviously). This is the brand new Nice Face 7". Two songs on this one, like the last two. The Side A track is a bit more synth-y than usual. While side B is faster and more 'punk sounding'? His best song I think. The vocals are so good.

You can still get the pre-order version limited to 150 here.

download here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fan Death - S/T LP

Another band to add to the list of blazin' grind/hardcore bands from the Gulf Coast. Specifically Fan Death are from Spring, a suburb of Houston Texas. They sound like most bands that have been on 625 Thrashcore. I think they sound like Plutocracy + What Happens Next with a touch of Fang. These dudes obviously spend some time on the internet- song titles consist of "Big Trucks Fucking Suck, I Could Care Less About TMZ, I DRINK YOUR MILK SHAKE, and the Intro being the Dial-Up internet connection tune." This is little generic, but It rips pretty hard. Recommended. Checkout their myspace for info and other shit.

download here.

two other releases of theirs:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ice Nine - Discography

One of the most under-rated and under-listened hardcore bands of the 90s. Ice Nine were from Indianapolis. They played some fast, heavy, evil hardcore. They don't sound like traditional 90's powerviolence. They were more progressive and blended in a more spazzy, technical style with also a touch of Ebullition hardcore ala Assfactor 4. They did a split with Charles Bronson and some other more well known bands. They're reuniting to play Dude Fest this year, don't miss out.

download here.

The Sleaze - Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs

Here we have another Fashionable Idiots release. The Sleaze are from Minneapolis. They play some 3 chord garage bullshit. The guitars are really pretty and catchy while the vocals are ugly and irritating as fuck- still good. 2 songs on this 7". First song "Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs" is a flawless garage punk jam that will be stuck in your head for hours. Side B has "Machine Hand" which is a weird syncopated guitar song that sounds kinda like a spanish jock jam. I want more, a lot more.


download here.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rot Shit

Rot Shit are some crazy teenagers from Pittsburgh. They play super-loud, super-fast, and super-retarded. They sound like a dirty as fuck Angry Samoans, basically Garage and Hardcore smashed together. Really cool male/female switchoff vocals on their first 7" called The Worst Kids Ever. I like the 2nd 7" (Have You Scene Rot Shit?) a lot better- the recording is a little better and the songs rip even harder. I think the sole purpose of this band is to offend and be obnoxious. I love it. Lyrical themes consist of making fun of power pop faggots, flippers, and noise rock elitists. Both of Rot Shit's 7"s are sold out. Check out their myspace for lyrics and other shit. Fuck.

download both 7"s here

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Sexual Dad

One of the best (and my favorite) band's on Not Not Fun. They were from the Bay Area of California and existed in the mid 2000's and broke up in like 2006. They play really nice up-beat lo-fi psychedelic rock- super catchy and fun. What i'm uploading is their 12" EP titled Shark, which includes the amazing pop jam "Sham-O-Tronic Fever". A song off the Tapeworms Eat Bookworms compilation (probably my 2nd favorite MSD song.), That Black Forest Feeling - 2 song/20 minute CD-r which is more experimental and less-poppy, and a live recording of Peace Of Men With Good Will. This band is pretty much essential if you're a fan of Not Not Fun releases.

download here.

video for Sham-o-Tronic Fever

State of Alert - Live Set 1980

DC hardcore band that existed from 80-81. Henry Rollins' first band. Good quality for a 80's live recording.

Download Here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 1-7

Almost Ready Record's brilliant compilation series. They've been shitting these out like crazy - it seems like there's a new one every 3 months. These compilations basically reflect whatever new lo-fi/shitgaze/garage/whatever bands are being jocked on terminal boredom. Nevertheless they are all really fucking good. All the songs on here are exclusive to just the comps. I uploaded them in chunks so it wouldn't be so annoying. Vol. 8 is out for pre-order and this time its on a 12" with 9 bands/songs featuring: Blank Dogs, Tyvek, Vivian Girls and more. Sadly all the other volumes are sold out from the label. Check ebay.

Vol. 1 - 3 44MB
(Home Blitz, Boys Club, Nothing People, Lady Doctors, Black Orphan, Facums, The Pink Noise, Nobunny, The Romance Novels, The Suspicions, The Wax Museums)

Vol. 4 - 7 58MB (Touched, Coconut Coolouts, El Vicio, Fag Cop, Catatonic Youth, Christmas Island, Dan Melchior and Das Menace, Little Claw, Eat Skull, Psychedelic Horseshit, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Straight Arrows, Super Wild Horses, UV Race)

Vucub Cane - Eternal Hatred For The Human Race

Raw, primitive black metal from a mysterious being residing in the backwoods of Massachusetts. 3 tracks recorded in a rotted barn. Includes Beherit cover. You probably saw this tape in the Youth Attack store with a little SOLD OUT sign underneath it. Only 20 copies of the cassette exist.

download here.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weakling - Live Practice Demo

Epic black metal from San Fransisco that started in either 97 or 98 and ended in 2000. Four tracks spanning out in fifty-two minutes. Weakling was a very short lived band, releasing only two demos, both containing no vocals, and a LP on Tumulat entitled "Dead As Dreams."


Download Here.

Masakari - Eden Compromised

Another Ohio local band post. This one is for Cleveland's crust influenced hardcore band, Masakari. Contains all four songs from their first 7" on Halo of Flies records. If you're into bands like His Hero is Gone, The Holy Mountain, or From Ashes Rise, check this out.

Order the 7"

Download Here.


Retainers are probably my second favorite band here in the Twin Cities. They play loud lo-fi garage punk. Retainers have raw, ripping parts along with Jay Reatard styled melodic riffs, topped with loud distorted vocals. They also have a little surf touch every now and then. A perfect combo. They formed in 2005 and share a member with fellow garage punk mates Sinks. They have 5 7"s (Including one that was released last night) and an super limited LP on P Thrash record in Germany. You can buy 2 of the 7"s from Fashionable Idiot's webstore thing, and the LP from P Trash's website- but shipping from Germany is a bitch, so pick it up at Extreme Noise if you're in the Midwest. For this post i'm just going to upload the LP, I think its their best played and best recorded.

download here.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Poison Planet - Demo

Awesome hardcore punk from Chicago, Illinois. All members all vegan and straight edge, but aren't a hardline, militant, shitty metalcore band. This is their demo they put out in 08. They have a new EP out and appeared on a straight edge compilation. If you're into newer hardcore like Civic Progress, Blank Stare, or Coke Bust, download this.

Download Here.

Nomos - Demo

Wow. I first heard this band back in November or December after reading a hype thread on VLV. Downloaded the demo and was totally blown away. This demo is better executed than what most bands release in their entire existence. Every song on here is near perfect. They sound like Born Against + Lack Of Interest + Die Kreuzen. Nomos are from NYC and are ex- Dustheads and Red Handed, with a member in Disnihil. I don't think they have even played a show yet?! But I see they have some dates with Cult Ritual coming up in July. They have a demo cassette out and I'm guessing you can still order it, it might be sold out though. Message the myspace to find out. "WHAT WILL YOU FUCKING DO, WHEN YOUR GUILT CONSUMES YOU."


download here.

P.S. Weekend Nachos have 2 new songs for download - love it or hate it here