Monday, July 12, 2010

Men's Interest - More War 7"

Hardcore lives.

Full pressing at Home Invasion soon.

download here.

The Shitty Limits - Last Orders 7"

Two new hits from UK's Shitty Limits. Newest recordings since that LP came out last year, which kind of sucked..but they're back with a few new KBD styled rippers. Not as ravaging as the early records, but a lot more exciting than that last LP, just total Dangerhouse worship. Can't get enough of these vocals. Released by UK label La Vida Es Un Mus, limited to 394 and already sold out. Someone tell this band to repress the first two 7"s already.

download here.

White Shit - White Shi'ite 10"

If you didn't buy the White Shit LP on PPM last year, you're a fucking idiot. White Shit are a masterful gang of nervous perverts. Hailing Andy Coronado of Nazti Skinz/Wrangler Brutes/Skull Kontrol/etc and the two dudes that are in Big Business/Melvins. Very unsettling shit here, lyrically and visually. White Shit are basically the restoration of the late Wrangler Brutes- taking the imaginative shredding and those strapping bass lines...only without the unbeatable Sam McPheeters on the mic. Real killer record. Three songs, including a daunting cover of the GISM's "Fire". Out last year on Wantage USA.

download here.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Male Nurses - S/T

I got this hot slab of wax about a week ago at Extreme Noise when Kevin -being the bum that he is- said that I should get it because he wanted to hear it. It didn't look bad so I thought "fuck it, why not?" And Jesus H. Christ, this shit rips! They sound a lot like Guilty Faces, and being from the same area we thought that they might share a member or two, but it must just be that great minds think alike. The only problem with this is the hole in the record is a bit small so it's hard to get off, it doesn't really matter though, you're not going to want to take it off anyways. Get it from the always great Deranged Records.