Monday, July 13, 2009

Guilty Faces - Nightmares EP

Saw this band on Wednesday night. Apparently their name is Guilty Faces (Freeze song? maybe?), they're from Philly/Connecticut. I'd only heard their demo once or twice so I wasn't really sure what to expect. We talked about Orchid and Neil Perry before their set (lol). Guilty Faces played a super tight set, especially for having two touring members that live in fucking California (and are in Bad Antics). They have a pretty unique sound aswell. They seem to blend 80s so-cal punk a la Adolescents, Angry Samoans with slower, melodic shit like Husker Du and Wipers. Snotty vocals and catchy hooks. Overall, they're a pretty top notch hardcore punk band. They have a brand new LP out on Deranged and its really fucking good; better than this EP I think. They're playing all over the country with Bad Antics, probably near you. They have this EP, their LP and some Shirts. Check the dates on their myspace, buy this EP (Room 101 Records) there too..

download here.


pressvre said...

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Godfather said...

Hey man, you have a phenomenal blog here, could we possibly trade links?


Catherine said...

thanks for this- the demo is awesome, so I'm stoked to hear the EP

kris138 said...

awesome EP

Honquijote said...

Thanks a lot for the post ! :-)