Saturday, July 25, 2009

Total Abuse - Live at WMFU

I haven't posted an entry on here for a little while, so I figured it was about time I did. This is a live set Total Abuse did on WMFU in New Jersey. If you don't know Total Abuse, they are a noisy hardcore punk band from Texas. They recently just got done with a small tour through the eastern U.S.. I believe they played some unreleased songs because I can't find any info on some of the songs they played.
1. I Can See In The Dark
2. Peace and Quiet
3. Secrets
4. Discipline
5. Fluid Exchange
6. Pure
7. Mutt


Download Here.


js said...

WFMU is in NJ, not NY.

Jammmes said...

There is one in New York and New Jersey. I just assumed they were at the NY one.