Thursday, July 2, 2009

Integrity & AVM Split

Brand new split between Cleveland's Integrity and Japan's AVM. AVM is a Holy Terror band that is heavily influenced by G.I.S.M. If you haven't listened to Integrity, this probably isn't the best record to start with them since these are two covers and, to be honest, new Integrity isn't near as good as old Integrity (check out Humanity is the Devil and Systems Overload). This is Integrity's second seven inch where they cover Septic Death songs (the first one was released on Victory records and they covered Thaw and Change). This release they cover Dream Silent and Poison Mask.

Integrity Myspace
AVM Myspace

Download Here.


Anonymous said...

if you get a hold of that blind to faith record please post it

Anonymous said...

the other Integrity 7" with Septic Death covers is just Dwid singing over the Septic Death songs...pathetic

ERBA Needs Attention said...


Anonymous said...

A.V.M. is a type of brain injury, i only know this because i experienced one-two days after christmas in two thousand and four- i do not wish it at all on anyone.