Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OUT NOW: Shaved Women - "Static" 7"

Ecstatic to announce the release of SHAVED WOMEN's 'Static' 7" EP. Pass Judgements 11th release, dam son... SHAVED WOMEN are back with their latest, most brooding recordings since the 12" released last year. "Static" is the bone sweating anxiety, locking all from attaining self-satisfaction. Savage, degenerate vocal attack leads a thick ooze of bass and guitar wallows, not unlike the hysterical AmRep catalogue or local St. Louis scroungers DRUNKS WITH GUNS, making 'Static' a truly solitary hardcore punk release. Double-sided offset covers, stickered polybags, and housed in a wicked black hand stamped dust-sleeve. Stellar artwork by Mr. Chris Ilth. 300 Copies on black vinyl.

download here.
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nests - Demo CS

When was the last time you heard of a good hc band, or even just a band from Vegas? Nests are the answer. The life of vice and the need for speed (literally) bleeds from the enterprise that is NESTS. Wrecking ball vocals infront of hellish licks are reminiscent of early 90's scorchers such as Citizens Arrest or Rorschach. Killer first output. First press of tapes are gone. More are being made soon.

download here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

NEWS + Wiccans "Teenage Cults" 7" REPRESS available

Hey maniacs and freeks. Sorry it's been a while, been situated with the outside world as of late but new posts and new hot tunes will be surfacing here soon. But in the mean time, get the limited repress of the wild WICCANS - "Teenage Cults" 7" if ya missed out in 2010. This time with GOLD hand-stamped labels, 200 pressed. Purchase here!

Cya soon!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sucked Dry - 7" EP

After a long treacherous wait, the MONSTER first EP is finally here from Kansas City's wildest gang of criminals, SUCKED DRY. Five tracks of barbaric and wicked hardcore punk. While taking hints from viciously primitive acts such as RORSCHACH, CROSSED OUT and NEANDERTHAL, the six minute blistering assault will make ya sweat like a stinky stuck swine. A truly frenzied hardcore release. Wonderfully two color silk-screened covers. 500 Copies on Black Vinyl. Split release with EAT THE LIFE and FORWARD.

Updated JUDGEMENT PACKAGE DEAL to get the SUCKED DRY EP with our other recent releases! Fashionable Activism 1 & 2 are gone for good (still in some distros: Feel It & Sorry State), but FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM 2.5 is out now and can be purchased in the store as well.

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