Monday, January 16, 2012

Sucked Dry - 7" EP

After a long treacherous wait, the MONSTER first EP is finally here from Kansas City's wildest gang of criminals, SUCKED DRY. Five tracks of barbaric and wicked hardcore punk. While taking hints from viciously primitive acts such as RORSCHACH, CROSSED OUT and NEANDERTHAL, the six minute blistering assault will make ya sweat like a stinky stuck swine. A truly frenzied hardcore release. Wonderfully two color silk-screened covers. 500 Copies on Black Vinyl. Split release with EAT THE LIFE and FORWARD.

Updated JUDGEMENT PACKAGE DEAL to get the SUCKED DRY EP with our other recent releases! Fashionable Activism 1 & 2 are gone for good (still in some distros: Feel It & Sorry State), but FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM 2.5 is out now and can be purchased in the store as well.

download here.

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Anonymous said...

First ep, haha, are you high ? Where you been ? Falling Apart At The Seems is their first vinyl release, plus the 3 or 4 other tape releases that came before this ep you posted.

-kevin said...

nice try, but their other releases have been all demo recordings.

Dan said...

i think Kevin means this is their first REAL studio recording
faats 7'' is released what,1,1,5 yrs yrs ago but hardly any made it to the states,band didnt promote it,i tried it,but there was really no interest in trading from us labels etc...complain complain
in fact the bands still has to get 25 copies of it ;-0
thinking about making new covers for it
offcourse i like my release better as this one,but this artwork rules
thx for the upload
Dan less slow


You need to learn your shit dude, i'm friends with the band, and my friend in Holland put out their first 7'', Falling Apart At The Seems. Other releases are Demo 2008, Tour Tape 2010, and split tape with Sick Bros.

Nic said...

Yeah, this is the first non-demo recording. The cassette was demo of the newest stuff we were playing before we left for tour and the split tape and first 7" are all demos from 2008-ish.

-kevin said...

thank god that's over with ...

Dan said...

Kevin,ill send those 25 copies for Nic and the others guys your way also,saves me a shitload on shipping,yeah we dutchies are cheapos ha ha (will email tonight)
and 2008 Nic,damn time flies,but after 4 yrs im still not bored of it,record rips!
hope the new 7'' will get some into the states
sorry state will have copies in distro soon,thats cool!

Argybargy said...

That was a weird argument.
By the way, Anon and Mike, you mean Falling Apart at the Seams. Not Seems. Seams.
At any rate, this is terrific, as was to be expected. I love these guys.

Anonymous said...

Demo recording or whatever, all I originally said was they had a 7'' before the Self Titled one. All the drama over my statement was senseless, cause they did have vinyl before the Self Titled :)