Monday, September 22, 2008

Inmates - Asshole Unanimous Presents...

Inmates is a hardcore band from Cleveland, Ohio. If you know who the Melnicks are, this is one of their bands, except this doesn't have the metallic influence like some of their previous bands. The vocalist, Paul, does his vocals in an English accent. This is probably one of my favorite Cleveland bands. This is the remastered version with 27 tracks.

Download Here.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mindless Mutant - S/T

Featuring, Max 625 on drums, Members of bay area's Our Turn and Look Back and Laugh. Mindless Mutant make one heavy ass powerviolence band. The first 3 songs on both sides are all ragers you'd expect from the collective members. There are two instrumental tracks, one on each side. I think they are the most interesting songs, the heavy riffage for 2 minutes is sick as fuck (listen to this shit loud). This is a crushing record. I thought this was OOP but apparently you can buy it from badskulls. I didn't know they started selling records, but I've seen it on there recently. This is Mindless Mutant's only release and they aren't playing anymore. Split Release by 625/Dangerously Small. Get it.

download here.

Manrae - Pacata Hibernia

This is one of my favorite mid 90's ebullition releases, certainly one of the most underrated as well. Emerging from the UK, Manrae play a very passionate form of hardcore. Manrae have all of the twink guitar work building into high energy parts that made 90s emo so good. If you're having a bad day and want to let it all out, put on this record and sob yr heart out. I'm sure this record has been re-pressed a fuck load so, buy it on interpunk or some shit if you cant afford the $100 dollar mailorder for ebullition.

download here.

Breathing Fire - Demo

"I predicted when xFILESx broke up how baffingly funny it would be to say ex-xFILESx for the next band. Well here you have it! Breathing Fire features ex-member of xFILESx. Going leaps beyond the direction of Excruciation (xFILESx''s last album), and slowing the intense thrash beats to a heavier sound, Breathing Fire ends up sounding like a mid-nineties power violence band influenced by bands like Crossed Out. Their fast parts are fast, but the other 40% of is super slow HEAVY hardcore that is probably aided by down tuning. This heavy/slow sound is showcased in “Gates Of Ivory.” Ditching the comedic aspects of xFILESx, Breathing Fire takes a more serious tone. Vocally don''t expect higher screams, but instead lower raspy bellows lined with drowning thirst. The juxtaposition of the fast and slow parts is appreciated. The songs loaded with tons of parts makes it sound like technical hardcore. "Exhale" is the creepiest sounding song with repetitive guitar droning and a sample of chainsaws and screaming."

This demo was originaly released in 2004 as a tape, then repressed as a 7" in 2007 on Painkiller. They also have a new LP out titled "Years Of Lead" its up for order on clear vinyl at Buy it.

download here.