Monday, March 30, 2009

Tyvek - FAST Metabolism

Oh man, this is really fucking sweet. From Detroit- Tyvek play some loud, fast, werido lo-fi punk; also described as 'shitgaze' and or 'hipster garbage'. They've had various 7"s released on Sub Pop, Whats Your Rupture?, and some other labels. They decided to compile most of the 7"s onto one big CDr that they passed out on tour a few years ago. They have some new stuff out I think, but it's all gone. :(. This is HIGHLY recommended. If you don't enjoy this shit, there's something wrong with you.

download here.

Heresy - Dortmund Rehearsal 1987

Amazing fast hardcore band from the UK.

Download Here.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silk Flowers

Excellent new wave/minimal synth from NYC. First 7" self released, Second 7" on PPM. They have a blog.

You can buy both 7"s from their myspace and post present medium

download 1st 7"

download 2nd 7"
download Unreleased Material

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Think I Care - S/T 7"

Think I Care's 2nd 7" released on Deadalive records back in 2001. This is one of my favorite straight edge hc 7"s of all time. This is when Think I Care were playing really fast, and really mean. They kind of pooped out by the time they hit b9. If you've listened to Think I Care before and hated it, I can see why- you didn't listen to this 7". Listen to it, you'll love it. I scanned the insert and cover for funz.

download here.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Follow up to the infamous negkev mixtape 2k8. Similar to last year, these are just some excellent jams that I have been enjoying in the recent weeks. Some new shit, some old shit. Some noisy shit, some moshy shit. You might have some of these songs, but download it anyways. It has a nice flow.

download here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birth Control - Going To Target

No. Not the 70's prog band. Birth Control play dirty, heinous, retarded punk from Philly. Featuring a member of Pissed Jeans. 4 noisy jams on this 7" released by Fashionable Idiots back in 2008. Fashionable Idiots has a new e-distro stocked with TONS of great shit and most of the FI discography.

Birth Control shows/info/contact:

download here.

Lärm - 1982 Rehearsals

The rehearsals before Menno was in the band and Dorien was doing vocals. Originally named Total Chaoz, but I have this tagged as Lärm. One of the best bands ever.

Download Here.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nice Face

If you're into fuzzy lo-fi psychedelic garage pop, this is for you. Brooklyn's Nice Face are really catchy, and really noisy. This is a lot more raw than Blank Dogs and more up-beat. So far he has a full length cassette "Can I Fuck It?" (Sold Out) and two 7"s That you can still buy. A new 7" will probably be released this month on Sacred Bones. Sw33t artwork too.

download 'Can I Fuck It?'
download 'Thing In My Head'

download 'Exterminator'
download all three records (57mb)

Condominium - LIVE on Radio K 6/1/08

New-ish live cassette that was recorded on Radio K this past summer. There's 2 two new songs here. Including an ultra flag-y instrumental jam. They continue to be my favorite twin cities band.

download here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Psyched To Die

So. I saw this band last night with the great Deep Sleep, Who just released a great new 7" on Gravemistake called "Paranoid Futures". Anyways..I was really impressed with Psyched To Die. They're an NJ all-star band. With members of The Ergs!, Splitting Headache, Fast Times, and a lot more I'm forgetting. They play a Black Flag meets Adolescents meets Deep Wound (where they get their name from)type of gig. Aka 80s rehash (saying this in the most positive way). Fast as fuck with catchy melodic riffs. Mike from the Ergs! does most of the vocals, which are really energetic and fun. This will probably stand as one of the best 7"s of this year. Split release between Gravemistake and Firestarter. Buy it here or here. Pressed on black and limited red. I'm also uploading their 2008 demo.


download "Sterile Walls"

download "Demo 2008"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bone Awl

I know I'm a little late on this but- I was just introduced to this band and I really like it a lot. Hipster black metal for skinny kids that like hardcore? Sure. It's still fucking great. Bone Awl are a 2 piece raw black metal band from the Bay Area of California. Their sound is very primitive, noisy and not really black metal at all. There are blast beats in most of the songs and lots of punk-sounding riffage, which display Bone Awl's interest in hardcore punk. They've released quite a few Demos, Splits, Cassettes and EP's and one full length (A lot is out of print) since starting in 2002, most of which were released by Bone Awl's own Klaxon Records; You can buy their newest 7" and a few tapes there. I'm just going to upload their 2007 LP "Meaningless Leaning Mess", which is their best recorded stuff, I think.

download here

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cult Ritual

One of my favorite bands still playing punk right now. If you haven't heard of these guys you need get your ass off the b9board and out of your mothers basement. They're from Tampa, Florida. I can't think of any bands to compare them to really. They're loud, chaotic and noisy as fuck. They've released three 7" EP's so far on Youth Attack, Burrito, and Drugged Conscience with a new LP coming out on Youth Attack very soon. They're also doing a huge US tour this summer. So go see them. You might be able to find the 7"s in various distros. 1st and 2nd EP are all sold out. Repress of the 3rd EP soon. Oh- and there's a really cool cover of Death Valley '69, by Sonic Youth on the 3rd EP. So good.

Download all three 7"s here.

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Gray Ghost - Demo

Gray Ghost is a sludgy hardcore band from Atlanta, GA. A rough demo was released by the 3 original members in 2007. A self titled 10” was released through Copper Lung Records in 2008 with the addition of a second guitarist from the Pittsburgh, PA band Unreal City. A new bassist joined the band after the self titled record came out, previously in the Atlanta, GA band Irreversible. A demo cassette was recorded and released for a short tour, which included 3 new tracks. A new record, titled Deep In The Shallow End, will be released in 2009. It was recorded at Ledbelly Sound and was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.

Download Here.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dios Mio - Prey To God

Dios Mio (My God! en Español) are a badass rock 'n' roll influenced hardcore punk band from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. If Deep Wound and Leeway fucked, Dios Mio would be their love child. Some sick guest vocals by Ben Crew (In Defence, Damage Deposit) on "Tread The World". 4 songs on this 7" rager. A repress of "Prey To God" re-titled "Shit Life" will be released soon on Tank Crimes and will be in ever distro imaginable. I'm also gonna add a song from the Twin Cities Hardcore 07 Compilation that they were on; my favorite. Expect these dudes to destroy your town soon.

buy Prey To God for 6ppd on their myspace
download here

Great? or greatest? music video of all time.

"Shit Life" by Dios Mio from Ryan Sinz on Vimeo.

The Repos / Fourteen or Fight - Split

This is one of my favorite split records that I own. My favorite Repos material; they're just too good. Fourteen or Fight also shred, they have members of MK-Ultra and Charles Bronson, they sound a lot like The Repos but with a little touch of melody. Released in 2004 and OOP as fuk.

download here.