Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fourteen or Fight - S/T 7"

The Chicago hardcore 7" of the 2000's is right here. Fourteen or fucking Fight! Raging, raw, straight forward hardcore with catchy hooks & tasteful pinches of melody while still staying aggressive and capturing the 80s USHC style. Probably best known for doing the split with the Repos, but sadly get hardly any attention beyond that. The band started as ex-Charles Bronson/MK-Ultra, now these dudes are still shredding in bands like Manipulation, Herds, Chronic Siezure RIP. This Lengua Armada hit has been out of the press for quite some time, good luck finding this gem. A true classic.

download here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Condominium - Gag 7"

The 4th vinyl offering slung by the monumental Condominium. Another single to add on to their growing empire of triumphant releases. The record starts with 7 minute epic jangle "Gag", then leads to the hard hitting squall, "Redemption Song", not unlike the hit of their last 7", "Barricade". Then the record ends with a rattling instrumental track that could be taken right off Death In June's - The Guilty Have No Pride. Another excellent effort by this Minneapolis (now) trio. Released by Deer Healer Records, head over to their catalog for purchase, not many copies left. This is not to miss.

download here.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Operation Makeout - Hang Loose

Here's an awesome band that I've rediscovered in a big bad way the past couple weeks. I first found out about Operation Makeout a few years ago when I was first getting heavy into Sleater-Kinney and wanted to find something akin to them. And yes they do sound a lot like S-K, but one thing they do not have that this band does is some great dueling male/female vocals at times reminiscent of X. It seems that people have pretty much forgotten about them (if they even bothered to learn in the first place) which is a shame because a lot of people are missing out on some catchy tunes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No Class - Tape

Yes. Been listening to this monster of a cassette non-stop since I picked it up at the Abused / Career Suicide gig in St. Louis last weekend. Kansas City stooges No Class bring some of the best hardcore I've heard in a hot minute. Get ready for some old school chord progressions, hard mid-tempos & hot straight forward vocals. Members of past KC ragers Black Mark & Wound Up. "You're Over" is the fucking jam. Mosh. E-mail the band for a copy ~ noclassnoclassnoclass[at] |

download here.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Raw Nerve - LP

The master rip of this 14 song masterpiece, straight from the band. No bullshit crumby sounding usb turntable rips. Raw Nerve do everything perfect here. Fourteen songs in under 14 minutes, no boring stinkers as most LP's seem to have. Perfect pack of short, violent rippers & mid-paced slammy jabbers with the obvious hit of the LP titled "Hemlock". Includes the recording of the 'secret' double grooved track. Few copies still available from Youth Attack. HardCore lives!

download here.

OUT NOW: Much Worse - Proper Execute 7"

7 tracks of high energy, uncontrollable hardcore punk. Fans of 9 Shocks Terror, Cut The Shit & Gauze not to be disappointed. Limited to 300. Hand stamped labels & hand numbered inserts. 40 alternate & limited covers for sale as well. THANKS.

Purchase here:

download here.

Copies will be available shortly from Grave Mistake, 16oh & Sorry State.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pigeon Religion - Crystallized Meth 7"

The 3rd vinyl offering from Arizona's sexoid trio Pigeon Religion. Two tracks off the Crystallized Meth Cassette which was released last year in exiguous quantities and a new exclusive song titled Rust. All that's here is more fuzzed, feedback ridden Flipper worship with deathrock gazes. Buy this over at Video Disease. Copies are going fast.

download here.