Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Much Worse - Proper Execute 7"

I'm going to take the time and give an announcement for the first release I'm doing with my 'label' Pass Judgement []. The test presses for the 7" will be approved very shortly along with artwork and layout by Raw Nerve guitarist Ryan Lowry. The tapes in the picture were created for a release show only in Minneapolis. Real artwork for the 7" soon. I expect everything to be completed by the end of February. Pasted from the blog:

The band is Much Worse, originating from Minneapolis. Proper Execute is 7 tracks of ripping, high energy hardcore punk with Japanese-esque vocal delivery ala Outo. Lots of bright & off the wall riffs similar to Japanese bands: Jellyroll Rockheads & Gauze but with with a solid USHC feel in the vein of Poison Idea and Jerry's Kids. Perfectly executed recordings. Fans of modern bands: Cut The Shit, 9 Shocks Terror & Tear It Up wont be disappointed. No 80s rehash bullshit, only hot midwest hardcore.

Listen to a few songs off the 7":
('Psycho Thrills')

('Speed Intentions')

300 Black 7"s. Hand stamped Labels. More info to come.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crime Desire - In Lucifer's Grip

One of the most fierce EPs recorded in the last 5 years. Crime Desire are seemingly one of the only bands around that are doing things right. This 7" is 5 tracks of the most blistering, menacing, and corrosive hardcore punk. I've heard people best describe Crime Desire as "Satanic Hardcore". The vocals on here are most frenzied- almost to a Doc Dart level. I'm a fan of the other Crime Desire records but I don't know if they'll ever top this one. I'm sure there's plenty of these still around-these recordings are also on one of the LP's that was released in 08. They just recently went on a West Coast tour for a new 12" they've released, I can't wait to hear it. Life's a Rape.

download here.

Condominium - Live at the Bloc

New seven song cassette release by Minneapolis' damaged jangle punk quartette. Condominium takes the best of all of their past 7"s and play a new one (which is great) and have crammed it onto this tape, released by some random cassette label based in Poland called Blinded Records. Limited to 100-possibly a few left from the label. E-mail blindedrec[at] for info. I believe it's only 7ppd to ship all the way from euroland. All tracks recorded live in a basement somewhere in the Twin Cities. Condominium stay true to their roots and end the tape with a great cover of Glue by SSD. A 4th Condominium 7" is in the process of release on Dear Healer Label.

download here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Young Governor - English Tim 7"

Second 7" from Young Governor. I bought this from Shitty Limits when they played in Minneapolis last summer. If you're unfamiliar with the Yung Guv, it's Ben Cook of No Warning/Fucked Up/Violent Minds fame doing his own solo lofi-garage-pop spiel. The two previous Yung Guv releases have been more than great. This EP is just 2 more ultra-fuzzed garage punk hits with tinges of pleasurable anxiety. I guess Ben Cook is appearing in the new Jonas Brothers DVD as the band's drummer?! Read about it here.. I continue to look forward to more exceptional releases by this multi-talented playboi. Static Shock Records.

download here.

Sex Vid - Voyeur

The live Sex Vid 7" released in September of 2008. Two songs off Nests and two off the 12". Pretty crummy live recordings, but it's well worth a listen if you're into the previous Sex Vid records. Sold out, limited to 500, but well distributed~I saw a few copys of this in a record store in Lawrence, Kansas over winter break. RIP.

download here.

Righteous Jams - Rage of Discipline

Watching a video of the Invasion show in NJ that happened few days ago made me remember how much Righteous Jams fucking rule. Bust it!

download here.

Yadokai - Sterile Environment

My ears first tuned in to this Demo from clicking a link being spammed on el Jerkbooth. These are some of the best Demo recordings I've heard in quite a while. Members of Ecoli and Nightstick Justice play some exceptionally unique hardcore punk that's surprisingly quite hard to pin down. The Demo titled "Sterile Environment" has 5 tracks of utmost chaotic and blistering hardcore punk with a well executed noise-punk edge. I can hear quite a bit of H100s and Koro but with their own unique feedback-ridden sound. This is for sure something you'll want to hear. Cassettes of this demo will be available soon from the band.

download here.

Shang-a-Lang - Summertime

Whats that? You want some folksy-lo-fi-pop-punk about the fun of summer, during the dead of winter? You got it. I found out about this band from the near endless, but well deserved, hype from net cartoonist Mitch Clem (check out Nothing Nice to Say, if you haven't already). Of Shang-a-Lang's 2 7" EPs, 6 split 7"s, and spankin' new LP(out on Fast Crowd) this is their finest, though I recommend trying to track them all down. This is a split release from Dirt Cult and Let's Pretend Records, so get it from one of them. It's winter, and it's damn cold out there, but hopefully this will warm you up a little bit.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bear Proof Suit - Science is Dead

Here's one that I picked up on a whim at Extreme Noise after I recalled seeing an interview in Razorcake, I'm glad I did. Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, Bear Proof Suit play what I guess I'd describe as, Husker Du's harder songs but with sabbathy guitar leads (probably a bad comparison, but fuck it). I'm not going to lie, I wasn't all that impressed with the record the first couple times through...but damn! did it sink some hooks into me, I could not get "Prosecutors Will Be Violated" out of my head (in a good way). You can buy this EP (includes 3 originals and a Wipers cover) on sale from Criminal IQ Records. If it doesn't hit you at first, I beg that you give it a few more spins, it'll grow on you.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Viper - Commiting The Seven Deadly Sins

What all you scrubs have been waiting for. Finally had the chance to rip this YA! distro gem today. Members of Aerosols do a total Japanese humbug with Viper- even down to the label name - "Skeleton Records". For fans of early, menacing Japanese hardcore ala GISM, Zouo, & Baws. 6 Songs, each named after the seven deadly sins. The lyrics are ridiculously awesome "Ill keep feeding you, you fat fuck-just because I like to watch you grow". Ever see the movie Se7en with Brad Pitt? Well, this would be a great soundtrack for that serial killer Kevin Spacey character. Lot's of awesome hand drawn artwork on the insert along with an odd collage poster.

download here.