Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daily Void - Civilization Dust 7"

Been a Daily Void fan for quite some time, and just happened to come across this baybie in a new-arrivals bin to my surprise...Hadn't been following the band much since I wasn't too into the Sacred Bones 12" and figured they were busy with other bullshit projectz, but here's a new one by these Chicago noise garage punx. I just read somewhere that people describe them as the 'garage rock Rudimentary Peni', weird. A-side (Before Death) is a total hit, a hunky fuzzball you'd normally expect from these dudes, but the B-side (After Death) is a weirdo, spacey instrumental improv jam that is cool, I guess (This is like...a concept record..right?), would prefer another guitar damage banger, but I am content with these two. Out on the always quality KEN ROCK label in Sweden.

download here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Under The Covers Vol. 2: A Tribute to The Nerves

Bought this guy on a whim, thinking it might be cool, since I love the Nerves, and a few of the bands on the comp, and woah it delivers. All these tracks are recorded so well, and executed with finesse. Killer output by Grass Widow, Le Face, White Fence, Hunx & His Punx (they do 'When You Find Out', lol) and all your (probably not) favorite psych-y garage rock bullshit bands. 18 trax of your fave Nerves songs; butchered...or re-lived... Well I think it's great. Lim to 200 copies on Cassette and it's recently out on twelve inches as well. Get it quick @ Volar Records. Ripped into two trax- tracklisting is in the zip.

Updated link w/ all split tracks. Thanks bro:
download here.

White Walls - Kevin CS

The self described 'magnum opus' from WHITE WALLS is here, and it's 'Kevin'. I posted up their Demo & Live tapes about a year ago, get on that if you haven't yet. But yes, 3 new tracks from Cincinnati Ohio's finest HC partisans. 'Kevin' is a 7 minute, grieving death hymn, that strokes your ego till you fucking cum. Only the most unsociable kinds will be able to grasp the intellection of 'Kevin'. The CS is backed with two tracks, 'Pointless Itch' & 'Evening Babble', two dirge driven HardCore anthems that wont help wipe any tears away. Released on by the LIFE-ROT label, contact them for ordering if there are any left. The debut White Walls 7" is soon, their site has a track to preview.

download here.

Friday, January 7, 2011

TOP 12"s of 2010

Alright I just wanna get this over with and bring on 20††. Sorry for being lazy. This year I possibly bought more LP's than ever before- Here's my faves.

1. Broken Water - Whet (Night People) - DL // BUY

2. Total Abuse - MUTT (PPM) - DL // BUY

3. The Bitters - East General (Mexican Summer) - DL // BUY

4. Rayon Beach - Memory Teeth (Hozac) - DL // BUY

5. The Men - Immaculada (Self Released) - DL // SOLD OUT

6. Kriegshog - S/T (LVEUM) - DL // BUY

7. Deskondocidos - En La Obscuridad (Todo Destrudio) - DL // BUY: tododestruido[at]gmail[dot]com


9. No Talk - Leather Discipline (Death Exclamations/Cutthroat) - DL // SOLDOUT

10. Nerveskade - S/T (Black Water) - DL // BUY

11. Gun Outfit - Possession Sound (PPM) - DL // BUY

Top 7"s of 2010

2010 wasn't a good one for the 7", I feel like only bought a few dozen new ones this year with not much stick, but here's a few that grabbed my willy:

1. The Sleaze - Crush w/ PCP
Thank fucking GOD for this record. Been waiting for the return of the Sleaze since the monumental SMOKIN FUCKIN CIGS ep on Fashionable Idiotos out a few years ago. SO here they are again with two more TOP retardo slop drop speedy freaky anthemz. It's been agreed that PCP truly IS the b-side to Smokinfukincigs. Out on Leather Bar recs, only 300 of these guys so hit up (leatherbar * gmail * com) to shoot up the skuzz. Rest in nicnicnic.
download here.

2. Urban Blight - Total War
Undeniably UB is the King Kong of HardCore 2010. If these 5 tracks don't make you do tha step, I really think there's no hope for ya. The key track on here is 'SOCIAL ORDER', the two minute mid-tempo blitzkreg, that plows through the warzone without a scratch. I just ripped this one and I think it sounds better than any I've heard...320KBS of STOMP baby...
download here.

3. Homostupids - Night Deacon
Arguably the Homo's best material yet. But it's a no-brainer that this guy had the best one liner of the year...thanks to our pal the bus driver. A 2010 Classic. Brought to you by FashionableIdiots. I guess there's new 12" coming soon!!!!! Plz play Chicago!..or somewhere soon...
download here.

4. Vile Gash - S/T
Yow! A true modern classic. When I first heard this one I most excited to the re-recording of that track 'Scum'...that the catchiest thing ever. Was a little bummed when Unfit wasn't redone (my fave track from the demos), but I will keep my hopes high for a future release maybe...though the new track 'Incapable' gives off a similar slowdeath, masochistic vibe. SICK. This thing is recorded flawlessly too- More scorch in the vox, with the drums in a pummeling d-beat throughout, and a chest-rattling bass that leaves you gasping by the end. Perfecto.
download here.

5. Men's Interest - More War
download here.

6. Condominium - Gag
download here.

7. Crazy Spirit - S/T
Beautiful, catchy, and destructive. One of the freshest. Rip from tha ICDT
download here.

8. Schizophasia - S/T II