Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brain Tumors - Cassette

Excited to bring you Pass Judgement release number five! Debut recordings from Minneapolis' Brain Tumors. Graceless and barbaric hardcore punk, much in the vein of 9 Shocks Terror and assorted Clevo bangers. Wild tempos, insane solos, psychotic speed--the whole shebang. Let's fart. 12 complete tracks from two separate recordings. 100 Pressed.

purchase @ for 5ppd.

download here.

SELF-INTEREST - "Blooming" 7"

Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Solid Attitude - Prison Water 7"

Newish 'lo-fi' garage-punk group from Iowa City, IA (You might be a little late for the trend, Iowa). Pretty wyld jams from this 7" from Solid Attitude, whom you might think is some shite youth crew revival band (judging by the name), but this is some real dirty-swanky rock n roll. The second track is called "Solid Mental Attitude" a possible juxtaposition on Unity's first EP?..Which has the second track, "Positive Mental Attitude"...weirdos. Member(s) of 'psychy-noise' outfit Wet Hair to add to the strange scheme of things. The tracks remind a lot of Rocket From The Tombs' 'noiser songs', cool listen. Ill cover art too. Limited to 200 copies on Rotted Tooth Recordings--Get it here I guess.

download here.

Volt - S/T 7"

HOZAC-01 ---- The VOLT 7" is an overlooked 'OG shitgaze' classic, the record is seemingly hard to find online, and in the bin as well- but found myself a copy a few weeks ago. Before I 'scored' this, I could only find stupid clips of the tracks, and kind of gave up my search for the mp3z. Anyways, VOLT are a French synth-punk trio--metallic drum machines, cold synthesizers, with an ear ripping guitar. I was hoping they sounded a bit more like KAS PRODUCT, but they end up sounding like a goofy JAY REATARD//DIGITAL LEATHER hybrid than anywhere in the coldwave realm. A-Side with "Man On The Ground" and "Not You" are total retard-bangers..when the chorus on "MOTG" drops, tha METAL DANCE begins. Sad they used 'Impact font' on the cover...gross dawg...but a pretty rad group of tracks. Guess they have a few more records, that I haven't checked out yet..Late pass I know, this shit came out in like 2006.

download here.