Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snuff Film CS

Frenzied collaboration between two of Bay Area's most newfangled groups, Ecoli and Migraine. 5 tracks nearing 14 minutes of extraordinarily demented hardcore punk. Both bands combine their respective noise to create a barricade of filth and subversion. Snuff Film existed for one release and one show only. If you haven't checked out either band yet--find Ecoli on a previous post here, and I'm sure a Migraine 7" is on a blog somewhere. Another Drone Errant release, but currently copies are only available from the band for 6ppd. Contact for purchasing.

download here.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nightmoves U.K. - Records And Gold CS

Ex-My Luck members lay down this four song cassette falling somewhere in between the sounds of drum machine punk bands Discolokosst and Metal Urbain and early 90s hardcore coming out on Gravity Records. Recorded in 06, released in 08 by Drone Errant. Limited to 100. A few copies left for purchase. Contact

download here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Repercussions - 11 Songs EP

While three quarters of Cold Sweat went to play in Walls, The vocalist went on to bark in this band, Repercussions- members of Deathreat and Pedestrians are also here, making them a little bit of a super group. Think of ol' USHC ala Poison Idea with those poles apart Cold Sweat vocals, and the hard to swallow Rorschach sound. Hateful and diseased lyrical themes. A truly awesome band. This 12" came out in 2007 on 540 records-was fairly limited and now sold out. Also released an awesome 7" on Feral Ward in 08, probably not too hard to find. Singer is now in Men's Interest and Country Club, Drummer is in Static Shock, & Bassist is the head coordinator of MRR. RIP. Download if you're not a retard.

download here.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Low Threat Profle - 7" EP

After almost a decade in the making, the Low Threat Profile 7" is finally here. Andy from No Comment sings, Matt Domino of Infest is on Guitar, and Bob of Lack of Interest plays drums. Basically what we have here is a dream lineup. It pretty much picks up where No Man's Slave ended: All speed and total power. Not really into the cover art, but wow, a great fucking record. Pretty sure the mailorder red vinyl edition is gone, but pay 6 ppd to deep6rec[at] to receive a copy; I might email him first though. Like No Man's Slave, the tracklisting on the back of the record is different than what the insert says...I just took from what the sleeve said so- whatever. Sorry for the two little cracks at the beginning of the first song; to make up for this I scanned the lyrics and added it into the folder. Info @ Deepsix. Enjoy.

download here.

UGH!: Tracklisting was fucked due to confusion & the band forgetting to add a song to the list. Now fixed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Factorymen 7"

Solo electronic/experimental project of Steve from Homostupids/9 Shocks- one could probably guess this is Homostupids related just by viewing the cover. This is very rad though. Lot's of synths and great mechanized noises- I am not sure how to elaborate. Similar to that one song on the The Brutal Birthday by Homostupids. The last track is just a sample of that song used the film Nashville, hah. Released on My Mind's Eye & Sold out; probably in some dollar bins (where I got mine). Factorymen released an LP on Richie records this past August. It's very awesome. I highly suggest buying it [info here].

download here.

Pigeon Religion - Warm Insides CS

Two new songs from Arizona's weirdo downer-punk trio Pigeon Religion. Both songs are 5:44 of demented, shrieking, fuzzed-out post-punk noise rock: something that's only LSD induced. About half way though each song, the music ends and strange noises occur followed by theatrical applauses. Not sure. It's not a live recording. Head [here] to download the previous PR releases. Artwork by vocalist of Salvation. First edition limited to 60 is sold out, a repressing is coming soon. Drone Errant.

download here.

Brown Sugar - Deportation EP

Here's an EP I've been playing a lot of lately. Brown Sugar, hail from upstate New York - along with other awesome young bands: Rational Animals (Buy their new 7") & Plates. Sound's like the Gang Green songs on This Is Boston..Not LA with a sloppy, (but) euphonic, ultra-fuzzed guitar tone. Fast and mean with some killer riffs. Brought to you by Feral Kid. The EP is sold out from the label, but check distros.

download here.

PS: Sorry for slacking around here. I'm never home anymore or I'm just chatroulette-ing. Posts will pick up when I go back to school in a few weeks (Not that anyone gives a fuck).

Friday, December 4, 2009

Church Police - Gilligan's Wings

3 Unreleased tracks from Bay Area's dirged-out Church Police. Recorded in 1982, but only surfaced in 2007 by the help of Skulltones. I found this quick sell-out in a bin at Mississippi Records in Portland. Church Police play the Artpunk/New Wave/Industrial thing: True downer-punk. Think of early Texas punk and weird-core ala Blight. I guess they were so called proteges to Flipper. Also had an article in the very first issue of MRR. Their goal was to become "the most depressing band ever". More info and insight on Church Police here.

"Max R-R: Are the Church Police a fun band?
Bruce: Always never fun."

download here.