Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hey ya'll. Long time no see, It's been a busy summer for us on FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM & PASS JUDGEMENT, and I apologize for the lack of posting. We've been out of the office getting these three new releases out and ready for yr sweaty palms. So here we present the SELF-INTEREST " BLOOMING" 7", BRAIN TUMORS 7" EP, and issue number two of FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM.

Make an an order at : HTTP://PASSJUDGEMENT.BIGCARTEL.COM, and for more photos, and information see: HTTP://PASSJUDGEMENTRECORDS.COM

Order all three new releases for 15ppd!

After releasing two cassettes earlier in 2010, Winnipeg's SELF-INTEREST exhibit four new tasty cuts on this debut 7", "BLOOMING". This fully-realized statement of hardcore punk churns out a bleak and brutal rampage beside personal vignettes of misanthropy. It's discordant yet motor driven, and loaded with troggy riffing not dissimilar to the music of THE U-MEN, BLOOD CIRCUS and other proto-grunge hits, while also channeling demented, and scathing outsider USHC acts like THE SCAM & SOLGER. Wonderfully silk-screened covers. 100 Copies on CLEAR VINYL, 200 on BLACK VINYL. Mailorder Edition of 45 with transparent covers.

7incher debut from these Minneapolis freaks featuring six cuts of repulsive touch-n-go hardcore punk. Bright and jangled guitars onset the menacing headache while deranged vocals and roaring low-ends leave most squirming with one foot in the grave. Enough stench, hair and pus for the whole family brought to you by these four mutants. Four color screened covers round out this incredible package. 600 Pressed. Split release with FASHIONABLE IDIOTS Records.

Issue number two of Fashionable Activism hardcore punk fanzine. 20 Full sized, 8.5"x11" pages. Yellow covers, Hand stamped. First edition of 150
Interviews with The Men, Shaved Women, HPP & Death Domain

Also Available:
50 copy re-press of FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM #1 Fanzine
200 piece re-press of the GETTING EVEN 7"
BRAIN TUMORS tapes back in the shoe.

SUCKED DRY - 'Debut 7" EP'
FASHIONABLE ACTIVISM #3 - Full Color Photozine.

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Stephen said...

I was reading your zine and you gave props to a demo by Black Age. It was the only one on the list i hadnt heard of. Holla at me with some info?