Monday, May 2, 2011

Ralph - S/T 7"

Young illiterate Atlanta punks toss out a fucking HIT with their debut 7" on Scavenger of Death. Ripping and youthful cuts holding (sped up) Koro and groovy Adolescents stroking close to the giblets. "Infectious" is the killer on this record, the gang vox are WYLD. For fans of the first Gov Warning 7" and 80s hoohaw. Great turd of wax for 2011. "For A Good Time, Call Philip". Buy it here.

download here.


Bryn said...

Thanks for sharing! I've heard good things about this band. Can't wait to have a listen!

Jack said...

Thanks for the upload. Having recently moved to ATL I can say without (much) bias that they're one of the best bands at the moment. Awesome dudes too! Look out for Manic featuring members of Ralph.