Friday, December 19, 2008

Wrangler Brutes

Short lived (2003-2004) but amazinggggg band fronted by Sam McPheeters of Born Against (One of the best front mans ever), also sharing members of (Young) Pioneers, and Universal Order of Armageddon. They were possibly most noted for their crazy and hectic live performances. WB were a hardcore punk band with a sense of humor, lots of dick-sucking artwork and lyrics that would make a nun's head explode. of the best bands of this decade. They released a self titled cassette that eventually hit wax, an LP titled Zulu, and the more limited records~ one sided 7" and 2x8". If you've never heard of these guys you're definitely missing out. Oh, and heres a video of Sam McPheeters on Montel in 1993 showing his love for the black laydees

Zulu LP
The Tape
Live In Oakland, CA 9.12.2004

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Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! I saw them in 2004 in Pittsburgh and Sam read a special letter he intended to send to Gov. Ed Rendell about Pennsylvania's potato production. He also tripped over his foot and fell into a wall.