Friday, December 19, 2008

Bands That Don't Give A Shit About Being God: Boston/Lowell Compilation EP

1. Social Circkle - Private World
2. Witches With Dicks - It's Not You, It's Me
3. The Conversions - Chosen Few
4. Out Cold - Doomsday Guy
5. Violent Nuns - The C.I.A. Is After Me
6. Sgt. Slaughter - Wildman

Here we have a compilation put out by local label Social Napalm earlier in this year that documents the local scene, though it has already changed quite a bit and a few of these bands probably aren't even around anymore. Conversions and Witches With Dicks are no longer, at least, and Social Circkle is on hiatus (?). Anyway, the title of the comp. is supposed to be a play on the comp put out in the early 80s called Bands That Could Be God  also documenting the Massachusetts hardcore scene and including bands like Deep Wound and Outpatients. And you can tell - most of these bands have that early 80s hardcore influence going on, except for Conversions and WWD. Conversions, who played their last show not too long ago, are more influenced by the early 90s emo bands like Antioch Arrow and Heroin as well as Reagan-era hardcore. Those into it should also check out their LP on Level Plane. Witches With Dicks play the No Idea pop punk/Gainsville/beards stuff influenced by bands like Dillinger Four, I guess. Not really into it. 

This comp. is still in print, I think, so if your into it or any of the bands most of them are pretty easy to find, though I'm pretty sure Violent Nuns never recorded another record.


Catherine said...

this is a great comp... it really is too bad a lot of these bands are no more. Social Circkle basically are on hiatus. One of them moved to NY, so they play shows only every once in a while. WWD & Conversions people got a lot of other stuff going on.

jarad said...

Thanks for the info. I just hope Social Circkle put out those unreleased songs from their live recording before they decide to call it quits.
Nice blog by the way, I grabbed a few things from there a while back.

Catherine said...

I have one live recording that Social Circkle did at my radio station's fest last year... I can up it for you if you'd like.

jarad said...


Catherine said...

Social Circkle live at Record Hospital Fest 2008:

DISTORT82 said...
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DISTORT82 said...

Hey, i released this comp. Glad to see some people enjoyed it. True, most of the bands did break up shortly after it was released.

Social Circkle is still together though and has an 12" soon to be released (as of March, 2009). Out Cold also is still together and has some albums coming out i believe.

Witches With Dicks morphed into Closet Fairies who are excellent. Conversions splintered into a few bands including Like Rats, General Interest, Vile Bodies, and i'm sure several others. Sgt. Slaughter and Violent Nuns combined to become Dry Hump.

I still have about 25 or so copies of this comp left if anyone is looking for it. Email at ewrecknap(AT)hotmail(DOT)com or . Thanks.

Catherine said...

I've got live recordings for General Interest & Closet Fairies as well... up along with a bunch of others here:

I'm pretty excited to check out Vile Bodies. I had to miss their first show this past week, but they along with Dry Hump are playing at my station's fest (Record Hospital Fest) in a few weeks.
Also, Terry from Conversions is now singing in Foreign Objects- lots of fun.

Good to hear about the Social Circkle 12".

Kiss of Death said...

hey, this is glenn from kiss of death records, could we trade you for a few of these 7"s???? e mail to kissofdeathrecords AT G mail . com

Dawgeh said...

Why is this shit down? :(


Just stumbled into this and saw the link Catherine placed - thanks! Can't ever get enough of the circkle. Also probably old news to all of you anyways - but keep an eye out for Green Beret with Ryan (SC) anticipating an album sooner than later it seems!!!!!! Appreciate all the effort that goes into this blog too - dossed!