Friday, December 19, 2008


Some really weird KBD-inspired punk from Cleveland, OH. Most of the songs are about conspiracies involving alien sightings, martians, crop circles, time travel... you get the picture. Unfortunately they broke up earlier this year, but not before releasing the ...Are New Wave LP on Fashionable Idiots, which you might still be able to find in some distros. The ...Have Landed CD (still available I believe and put out by Gloom Records) compiles their first LP, 7" (both out of print) and a couple live tracks. Sure to annoy your parents!


Ben said...

great blog!

love that gasp LP & all the clevo stuff (inmates, etc)

that being said - could you re-up the darvocets are new wave? can't seem to download that file (& i need the empps!).


Daniel said...

Jupiter/Venus/Saturn/Mars...Where the fuc is Von Lmo???????????