Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Gasp are an often overlooked powerviolence band that came of age with the likes of Spazz, Man is The Bastard, No Comment and others during the 90's powerviolence scene. Their sound was a combination of sludge, dissonant feedback, tape manipulation, and delayed guitars. Creating a marvelous soundscape that noone has ever been pull off. Here is what Chris Dodge (bassist for Spazz, Despise You and owner of the now defunct label, Slap a Ham records) had to say about Gasp in a great article about the 90's powerviolence scene:

[Drome Triler was] another unappreciated album when it came out. It seems like people are just now showing an interest posthumously. Their early stuff was more straightforward grind, and they eventually progressed into whacked-out psychedelic noise. They broke up soon after the LP was released. Cynthia, who was the original Gasp bass player, is doing vocals for Despise You now.


PRESTON said...

fuck yeah. thanks!

Doug said...

i've loved this band since i heard planet of the apes on the reality 2 comp....drome triler is one of the best records in my house...thanks for the post.