Thursday, December 4, 2008

Iron Lung//Hatred Surge - Collaboration 7"

Iron Surge Hatred Lung. Two of the best names in grinding hardcore come together to form this fucking AMAZING collaboration. Only 100 of these are out there at the moment. They were sold as test presses at Chaos in Tejas last summer. Regular pressings of this record are rumored to be out pretty soon. 9 tracks of rage, definitely a top 5 record of the year. There's also going to be a split between these two bands in the near future. Hatred Surge also has a webstore up, so if you want to pose around in their shirts or own that 7" I uploaded a few posts back, buy it there.

download here.

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icoulddietomorrow said...

I have one of the test presses and this fucking slays, but they are releasing a regular pressing of this pretty soon...