Friday, December 19, 2008

Left For Dead, Systral, The Swarm, and Mörser

Left for Dead really need no introduction, unless you cannot locate Canada on a map, or are completely oblivious to 90's straight edge hardcore. Complete moshing mayhem will ensue once you throw this album on. When that china cymbal hits, you know it's time to kill. Members also played in Haymaker, Cursed, Ruination and the Swarm.

Systral's "Black Smoker" is what i would title the "magnus opus" of the Bremen, Germany hardcore scene. Combining a very crushing style of hardcore and Entombed -esque Death Metal. Execptional sound sampling too. Members also played in Carol, Acme, Mörser and probably many more

Seeing how these band's future project; The Swarm and Mörser, crossed paths on a split I figured I might as well upload that too.

The Swarm i very similar to Left for Dead, except no china cymbal, and they introduce some slower moments into their music as well. This is not at all their best release, but it's solid. Be sure to check out their "Old Blue Eyes Is Dead" 7" if you're interested in what you hear.

Honestly, i don't know too much about Mörser. They sound like Systral v.2. They're still together i believe and haven't released anything in recent years, and supposedly have a new full length coming out in 2009 on Garden of Exile Records.

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