Saturday, June 20, 2009

Urban Blight - More Reality

AMAZING new MLP by Toronto's Urban Blight. They blend fast, angry hardcore with hard hitting NY/Boston mosh. Recorded by Jonah of Fucked Up and sounds like an old Agnostic Front record, which rules. For some odd reason they have disguised this rager as a hip-hop single. hah. For sure a top 5 of 2009. I really hope they play the states soon. Don't miss out on this record. Limited to like 500 copies, so hurry up. Slasher Records / Myspace

download here.

also: their self titled 7" on Deranged. here.


CRUCIFIEDforyourSINS said...

Your blog is exellent.

thefleX said...

what's the track numbering?

Essig said...

thank you for this one
top 5 record of the year without a doubt!