Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rat Mask - Demo 2009

It's been a slow month for Fashionable Activism, my apologies. I just noticed we have 100 posts already? fuck. Anyways... Here's Rat Mask from Buffalo, NY. 6 Shows and death. They're playing their final show tonight with the Cult Ritual in Syracuse. Its a shame since this demo is really fucking good. Rat Mask play relatively unique hardcore punk. Blending noisy Black Flag B side My War (I think I mentioned this on the last post too, fuck) with raw ripping USHC. Nice blend of mid-tempo, fast, mid-tempo, fast, fast, fast. An easy band to compare them to would be Cold Sweat. I love The Repos-esque vocals on here too. A cassette run of this Demo will be available this week, CD-Rs of the demo still available. E=mail if you want one.

download here.


Matt said...

who is putting out the demo

-kevin said...

Self Released.

E-mail if you want one.

newshoes said...

your reviews are absolutely horrible

Jesse said...

where can i find the lyrics?