Monday, June 8, 2009

Fag Cop

Raw, scummy, disgusting garage punk from Lawrence, Kansas. lowwwwwwww-fi and extremly filthy; counterbalanced with a fast, catchy rhythm. Self identified as "Jizz Wave". They're about to embark on a US tour, go see them or pose forever. I'm uploading two of their 7"s on here, they have a compilation song on World's Lousy, look though the archive for it. I have the total Fag Cop collection (34 Songs) but some tracks are untitled and I don't know where the fuck they came from, email me if you're interested. Only for people with ears. Pretty sure everything is SOLD OUT.

I'm Fucking Dead
Illuminati Dollar


kris138 said...

really liked the track on the worlds lousy comp, so thought id check these out too

Mathi said...

love this band. they have the filthiest sound i ever heard.

Linus said...

Please consider posting the discography. I am positively out of my mind in love with this band. It's the most evil garage punk I've heard since...wait, I mean ever. No other websites have the discog, and I haven't found it for sale anywhere. More existential prehistoric nuclear bomb music for the masses, please.

Sekstitallet said...

Please post the rest of this jizz!! Do it for Norway!! 34 SONGS.. WOW!!!