Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Burning Love - 2009 Demo

Canadian punk band with stoner metal influences. Chris Colohan (Cursed, Left for Dead, The Swarm) does vocals for this band and I believe other members are in Mature Situations, Our Father and Vatican Chainsaw Massacre. The download of this demo on their site is all one track, so I split them up (six tracks). The tape is still available from ShirtKiller and I believe they have some other material coming out soon.

Their blogspot.

Download Here.


Anonymous said...

Burning Love is the exact same entire line-up of Our Father but with Chris Colohan added on vocals.
and Chris Colohan also plays drums in Mature Situations.

Also worth mentioning, Burning Love is about to go on tour with Vicious Cycle, and you should who just put out a new record on Deranged, you should put it up for download, it is amazing.

psychic vacuum said...

Please post something from Our Father. discovered them today and fell in love immediately.