Thursday, June 11, 2009


C.R. (Compassionate Revolution) were a hardcore punk band from Staten Island, New York. They were pretty short lived; existed in the mid 90's. Some people would call them thrashcore or powerviolence, but really, they're very unconventional to say the least. They have fast blasting Infest styled parts along with jam-out Drive Like Jehu riffage with a little touch of early NYHC. All their songs are totally different, it's like they can't decide what they want to sound like. One second they sound like Unwound and the next they sound like Crossed Out. I love it. Their lyrics are intensely passionate and honest, almost like they should be an Ebullition band. They had one LP, a few 7"s, and were on a few compilations. Most on Reservoir Records. I can't seem to find any other mp3s of C.R. so I can only provide the 7" that I own. :( Please email me if you have any other mp3's or are willing to trade with me. They're playing a reunion show on September 26th in NYC and the 27th in Philly. Please go see them.

download here.

edit: I found the Discography; download here.


chris said...

They have a CD discog out thats definitely worth tracking down.

Tattooed Geek said...

Check it out:
One show only on Staten Island if you're not there you will probable regret it for the rest of your days.

Anonymous said...

drummer now plays in a great black metal band in richmond, Bastard Sapling.