Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Human Mess - Anger Problems

I'm really fucking bored, sitting in a creepy hotel in northern England.. So I'm going to blog about some hardcore. This is Human Mess's second 7" and the follow up to their LP that came out a few months ago on No Way. They're from Bakersfield, CA. The vocalist of Loser Life sings. They play raw, blistering hardcore. Sounds like early 80s HC ala Poison Idea. Maybe its just me but I think they have weird garage/surf vibez too. These are selling really fast, less than 50 left out of a pressing of 500. Buy it from the label Desensitized and buy all their other shit from No Way records. "Highly recommended if you like hate and sex."


download here.


Anonymous said...

upload their first 7" please?

any demos?

Tyler Z. said...

hey this is sick. you should also upload some Middle America stuff

Catherine said...

thanks for this- haven't heard it yet. LP is solid.

kris138 said...

awesome! thanks for this

Xxxxxxx said...

hey thanks for posting this . We have the records here if you want to pick them up :