Monday, June 8, 2009

Burning Witch/Thorr's Hammer

Burning Witch was a doom metal band from Seattle, WA and was made up of member’s from Sunn O))) and created by members of Thorr’s Hammer after it ended. I’m including Thorr’s Hammer’s EP because it’s fucking awesome and Runhild has amazing vocals on it. Here’s Towers... by Burning Witch because it has my favorite songs that are on Crippled Lucifer which is way over 100 MB even after zipped. You can pick up the CDs for Burning Witch’s compilation CD, Crippled Lucifer and Dommedagsnatt by Thorr’s Hammer at Southern Lord

Towers... - Burning Witch
Dommedagsnatt - Thorr's Hammer


James said...

Great stuff! Thanks for the introduction to this band!!

vengeance is mine said...

picked up a copy of the thorr's hammer album a week or so back sooooo good