Thursday, October 29, 2009

No Balls 7"

"No Balls is usually Drajan Bryngelsson and Dan Råberg from Brainbombs but this 7” is just Drajan. Monotonous protopunk with some No Wave hints. Drums and guitars. Some vocals and trumpets occasionally. The sound is raw, intense and in your face. Kind of like a mix of Ruins, DNA and Brainbombs." This 7" came to me a few days ago. Paid 15 dollars to ship from Sweden on an whimsical guess that it would be great; Brainbombs are one of my favorite bands. The record is okay, I thought it was a little boring but if you're into repetitive, sludgy, noise rock; it's worth a listen. 7" is sold out, but a No Balls LP is out soon on Release The Bats(pre-order here).

download here.


Godfather said...

Oh thankfuck you goit rid of that awful shoutbox, great blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, is there something wrong with the rip? It sounds too bass-heavy, and the drums are barely listenable.