Sunday, October 11, 2009

Raw Nerve - Teens In Heat

Raw Nerve's first time on wax after putting out that demo a few months ago (here if you missed it). Released by Video Disease Records last week during the MKU reunion show extravaganza last week. I guess all 300 copies are now sold out? The record is great. Lots of Void worship, just like the Demo. Record is menacing throughout, plus weirdo Meat Puppets vocals. 4 Songs. One from the Demo, Two new songs, and a X-Ray Spex cover. I guess a few copies will be sold in the next YA! store update; Contact Video Disease to see where these puppies may be hiding. LP on Youth Attack due early next year. Looking forward to more covers.

download here.


kris138 said...

this is rad, look forward to the lp

Anonymous said...

fuck yeah.

bad ass post. did the physical copy come with lyrics?

post them please? if you have time.

Oofus said...

please post the lyrics dude. It's just a hassle trying sing a long to a song you don't know the words to.