Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ecoli - Judas Cradle

First real 7" from Ecoli. San Francisco's noisy, deranged, hardcore band. Released on Stress Domain records; also put out the vinyl for Ecoli's demo a few years ago. Think Void, Koro, and ripping early 80s USHC plus the wackiness of the Meat Puppets. This is one of the best and most ingenious things I've heard this year. Members of Nightstick Justice, Warkrime, Migrane, and more. Sold out for the most part. Check Grave Mistake for final copies. Upcoming cassette on Drone Errant. Enjoy.

download here.


kris138 said...

this is great

chad kelsey toledo ohio said...

Just got my copy this evening(jan of 2011).
This kills!!!!!
Hardcore like it sounded before the 'rules'....