Friday, October 23, 2009

Bastard - Wind of Pain

The second, and last release from the crust/hardcore band BASTARD from Japan. Wind of Pain (1990) is possibly the hardest record of its time. I am just now getting into Japanese hardcore and realizing that it is probably some of the best stuff that is/was out there. If you haven't listened to this yet, you have to. Legendary band, best record, however Controlled In The Frame isn't bad. After the first time you hear this record, every time it is brought up you will think "MISSSELLLLYYYY"



newshoes said...

of course you are just now getting into japanese hardcore (or as you'll soon call it "japcore") because it's HIP AS SHIT RIGHT NOW. bastard is OK but bastard is also the only japanese hardcore band that e-punx know of I GUESS or something because they talk about them way too much when really they weren't that special when compared with some of the others. get the six weeks omnibus vols 1-3. find the mp3s on some shitty blog I guess. or you can come over and listen to the records at my house. just kidding. punks only.

KillCityNoiseOrdinance said...

Hahahahahahaha. The cred-laden poster above thinks Slight Slappers and Real Reggae are better than Bastard.

Q. Svenberg said...

This record is fucking overrated. Way to clean production for my taste. Actually bought this from a local distro back in the day.