Thursday, November 5, 2009


Toronto's punk scene is amazing. Some of my favorite bands live there (Urban Blight, Career Suicide, and all the great shit members of Fucked Up are doing; especially Jonah's band Mad Men--check out the demo here). Anyways, another great band from Toronto are the Dangerloves. Female-fronted power pop of the catchiest mold. Dangerloves formed in 2006 and broke up about a year ago- probably to dedicate more time to Urban Blight, Reprobates, and Career Sucide. They released three 7" singles, on Fashionable Idiots, Dead Idea, and Static Shock. Pretty sure they're all sold out from the labels but I've seen the first two 7"s in a million used bins for super cheap. I'm uploading two of the singles, find the Static Shock one on your own. You'll be playing these singles over and over and over.

download here.


kris138 said...

this is pretty cool

Anonymous said...

the songs on this 7" are terrible compared to lipsmart on fashionable idiots. you should check that out if you already haven't.

DeadIdeas said...

There are still a small amount of copies of the Easy 7" still available.

Anonymous said...

this sounds like josie and the pussycats. these girls need to try harder.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carolyn, you are an idiot.

PS Josie & the Pussycats rule.