Thursday, November 5, 2009

The World Itself Is A Bad Dream

I've been meaning to share since it came out about a month ago. Released by the great Drugged Conscience. This comp-cassette has 6 of hardcore's youngest and unparalleled bands in 2009. Half the bands on here are from Florida. Nazi Dust - Cult Ritual members. Panzram - from the ashes of Merkit,. Bad Year. Dead Stare from Tacoma - I don't know anything about them. Chicago's Duress have the best track on here--they have a 7" out soon. Rational Animals from NY also have an awesome song. The tape just recently sold out from Drugged Conscience, some bands may have copies, contact them if you wish.

download here.


Anonymous said...

Rational Animals track is killer!

Dan said...

Thanks dude. I'm still checking the mail for this one.