Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vile Gash - Leech

Bought this at the MK-Ultra Reunion Pre-Show with Raw Nerve, Manipulation, and Duress. This 'cassingle' is certainly not as good as the last two demos, but it's worth checking out if you're into the other stuff. I think the problem is that the cassette itself stinks, and you can't hear shit. 3 songs. Two very brief new ones and an awesome YDI cover. Not sure if the band has any left. Email for contact. Apparently the new 7" on Youth Attack is great. Released soon. Don't sleep.

download here.


Bill Raid said...

I was actually kind of disappointed with them at that show. I'm all for short hardcore sets and all but coming from Cleveland to play for five minutes struck me as really dumb. Saved my money from the tape and put it toward a beer at The Sovereign instead.

pressvre said...

this band made cover on YDI!!!
this band deserves place on my forehead for tatoo!

Anonymous said...

ha, apparently not that soon