Sunday, December 12, 2010

Total Control - "Retiree b/w Meds 2" & "Stare Way"

Okay, Lemme talk about this record since it's the one I heard first out of the two. I first bought this on a whim at Permanent records earlier this year, only knowing that it had members of Eddy Current and SJN/UV Race. At this point, I think it was in February, or March, when I was really digging deep on synthpunk naughties like Nervous Gender, as well as a lot of minimal synth//postpunk shit like Minimal Man and and Snowy Red, so it was perfect timing...and I loved the fuck out of this rec, probably didn't leave my turntable for a few days. Total Control is genius really, reviving the minimal synth and experimental post-punk eras and throwing it out to a hc/punk audience (this one is on Iron Lung Recs). "Retiree" is a dance-y, synth heavy hit, definitely taking strong sides of the french 80's coldwave scene as well as the LA synthpunk groups ala NervGender and the Screamers; it makes me real hot. The b-side is a dark, cold, bleed-out track, which sucks out all my loneliness. SOYOUNGBUTSOCOLD.
This is still available I think @ Iron Lung HQ--- It also looks like Iron Lung has an LP for Total Control in the near future - hope I don't pee my pants.

download here.

So it wasn't until about 6 months after I got the Retiree 7" that I heard the Stare Way 7" which came out in like fucking...2008 or something. I had been looking for it, but couldn't find it online and the record had been sold out for sometime already. I hadn't even come across 'Stare Way' until after I saw em live w/ UV Race. So eventually I found a link online and GOD, I came- I was floored really. This first record is so so so much different than the "Retiree" record, and 100% captures the steeze of their live gigs. On this one, there's hardly any use of synths or electronics, but rockin' guitars and smashing live drums. I kind of think of it as the 'HARDPUNK' EddyCurrent. The shit's realfast, realgroovy, ohsocatchy, and those Australian accents....makin' my heart throb. A killerkiller Swell Maps cover is on here too, one of my true favorite bands. This record really has infinite replay value. Smart Guy records just repressed this rec in the states, as well as a new single for Total Control titled "Paranoid Video", which traverses more into the world of new-wave minimal synth for the 2k10 (WINDOWS XP SAMPLES!!). Peep it all here. If you haven't kicked these guys yet, now's yr chance. P.S. Anyone know what the fuck's up with the cover art? Mysterious guy stingray? They look kinda cute.

download here.


download both records here.


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