Monday, December 27, 2010


1. Boston Strangler - Outcast
Wowie, this guy is the most exiting demo I've heard all year, not by far though. These tracks just flat out fucking rule. It makes me want to steal a motorcycle and beat up nerds, or something. Yeah. Nothing more to say here. When I pre-ordered the tape, I think I was most excited to get the BXS pin... :O. Pick it up at No Way records if there be any left.
download here.

2. Neon Blud - Whipps
I remember hearing this one early in the 2k10, maybe it was even December 09? But whatever, this one is a goodie and I'm sure everyone agrees. Top notch punk tapping into the sounds brought by the early NYC NO WAVE scene. The femme vocals on here are strikingly eery, but also come as deeply lulling. The guitar noises, are just plain genius! Tape has been looong gone, but has been pressed to seven inches via Fan Death recs. Their new LP is out now, and is also GREAT.
download here.

3. Weird TV - Demo
Olympia launches out ANOTHER killer band. Wow, there's at least 6 or 7 active bands from that area that are just the cat's pajamas, see: PERENNIAL DEATH. This demo is allll bliss. Easy, snotty, groovy, punk with some sweet sweet female vocals mostly sung in Spanish! What we got here is some perfectly executed late 70's California punk stuff and THEN SOME. Reminds me a lot of the arty-er bands like NO TREND, but it also mostly brings to mind a lot of U.X.A. & the FLESHEATERS stuff; basically just a sweet blend of bands off the TOOTH & NAIL comp. Killer! Here's a vid of them kicking it live, & covering TOTAL ABUSE hehe. Cant wait for the 7".
download here.

4. Reckless Aggression - Demo 2010
You saw the post back from September. DUH. Guess they be doin' a new 7"? Rumor? The demo is getting pressed as a 7" by some dumb top40HXC label, get at it if you didn't grab the demo. download here. ALSO, here's a recording of some rehearsal with some UNHEARD TRAX download that here.

5. Perdition - 9 Track Kassett
YEAH!!!!!! Perdition fucking kill. I think I took the best punk photo ever when I saw them in NYC back in October, see it in FA #1's centerfold. Fucking NUTZO raw punk, and my favorite of the whole NYC gang. Long live raw punk 2.0. This one is allll Dis-Dis-Distort. download here.

6. No Class - Demo
I posted this baybay soon after I bought it back in April. You've probably heard it already, and their LP too, but I think it deserves a spot here. TUFF hardcore from dudes that are obviously not tough. Apparently the Deranged dawg dropped in on that LP cause he peeped on here first. COOL. The LP is pretty good too. Interviewed in FA #1 as well. "hot". download here.

7. Pukeoid - Demo
Real deal North West Indiana hardcore punk. Paying true homage to blazing midwest USHC. I'm talkin' NECROS, WILLFUL NEGLECT, THE FIX, and all the classics. A modern masterpiece. Favorite part of the tape is at the very beginning of the first track, with the Bass/Snare stomp. DIRTY. Yeah...this one was on repeat the most for me. 7" out on NOT NORMAL soon. Should be real sweet. download here.

8. Mauser - Summer Tour Tape
Uploaded on here recently, but WOW, yes, great tape. I got this in a trade with the dude from Vinyl Rites down in Florida. Turning me into possibly their biggest fan! Cannot wait for the 7", which should be widely available very soon hopefully. download here.

9. Warning//Warning - Nuclear Cult
Great little follow up to their excellent "My World" 7" (which is surely in my top10 7" list). Just more terrorizing noise bomb anthemz! CaN U NuKe It? download here.

10. Waste Management - Waste Taste 2010
Three words: TOO MUCH UNITY. download here.


My top 7"s & LP's in the coming days!


Anonymous said...

lol @ "top40hxc", despite how fucking retarded that remark is.

Keith McX said...

I like the Warning/Warning tape best out of that list. Gimmie noise.

Keith McX said...

I like the Warning/Warning tape the best out of your list. Gimmie noise.

-kevin said...

anon-six feet under records is a lame ass label for chumps who need a massive curbstomping no?

Anonymous said...

perdition is the worst band, fuck raw punk for ever.

Slobber said...

great list. top props to Mauser. that band fuckin rapes me.
oh and they're up on youtube. finally. in portland. rad.

-kevin said...

anon- if you say so,....